Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

Thankfully What's Up Wednesday is slightly more exciting this week! Only slightly though, don't get too excited.
Badger was back from horse showing this week, and I was SO EXCITED to go ride him over the weekend! It felt like it had been months. (Two weeks = many months, yes?) He had a good horse show at HITS and even won some ribbons. Sadly my trainer is not satin obsessed like me so she didn't bring any of it home. Booo. I have to work on that with her!
I had such a great ride on him Saturday. Trainer had a whole course of just poles on the ground set up, and we spent the entire time trotting and cantering over poles. Lines, singles, roll backs, you name it. And it went so much better than when we attempted the same exercise in Florida last year! He really has grown up so much. Sunday wasn't quite as good since the temperature had dropped and it was pretty windy. Baby horse couldn't help but to throw in some spooking and scooting. Thankfully his antics are much like Jamp's and I can deal with them. Unlike someone else's.... (pointing at you Romey!)
Also I had told trainer's groom about the grooming gloves I love, and he got a pair for Badger. He loves them as much as the other boys!
It's lovely having someone else get your pony ready for you and keep him trimmed and looking gorgeous... But I really can't wait for the day when he finally moves home and I can curry him myself! Not that I can't there, but it's not the same.
I had a great weekend of riding with all the bay boys too! Friday night was the full harvest moon. Jampy was done working while it was still light out, but the other boys got to enjoy the show:
Romey was a little annoyed that the trees blocked his view

By Rio's turn it was up above the trees
We were all a little sad that it was our first night of wearing sheets though:

Romes was especially annoyed about wearing clothes.
As mentioned yesterday on Thursday's Threads, Jampy had a great jump school on Sunday. He was so good, with only one little melt down at the end of the ring. That's pretty good for him! Check out my instagram for a clip of his moment. So silly. Other than that, he jumped great!

Rio had even more fun though. My friend was around to help me set jumps and video Jampy, so Rio put him to work too...

He enjoys directing his buddy to the best grass.
Romey worked too, but I gotta be honest, he's not as sound as I would like him to be. We're sticking with walk/trot until we get the vet out again.

I'd like to explain the draw reins a bit too. I am NOT a fan of strapping draw reins on young or inexperienced horses. Especially those that are reluctant to move off my leg as Romey can be. However, I'm also not a fan of rapid 180 degree turns that come out of nowhere, and thus I've put them on to keep ol' naughty pants on the straight and narrow. (Pretty literally.) I try to keep them long enough that they're not forcing his head down, but short enough that should he try and spin on me, they create a bit of a road block. Judge if you will, but this ammy's gotta do what she's gotta do.
The Puggers had a fun filled weekend too! We went for a lovely walk on Sunday evening. They even made it a full mile this time since it's cooled off some.

From our little job as sub box reviewer over at beeju boxes, we got a new box of treats and toys to review. Obviously we had to fully test the products:
That review will be up on in a few days, definitely check it out, everything was so cute!
All of that walking and playing really wore us all out though.

I even got to have a little non pet inclusive fun this weekend! It's fair season here in New England, so I checked out the fair in the town my office is in. It was super fun! I got to see some horse pulls, and the highlight was seeing American Idol winner Nick Fradiani perform. This fair is actually in his home town.

And that's everything that's up with me this Wednesday! What's up with you?


  1. You have the cutest jumps -- I love the little castle one <3

    1. Thank you! The castle is on it's last leg. Rio thinks it's an all you can eat buffet. (His great uncle on his mom's side was clearly a termite)

  2. So cool riding under the full moon. Also, I'm all for draw reins when horses are pulling dick moves. I used them on Nilla briefly when she thought rearing would be more fun than working and we moved past it.

    1. I love when the moon is big! Much easier to see out there.
      Draw reins definitely are a useful tool. They get a bad rep because sometimes people abuse them.