Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Heart to Horse Box: December

I'm catching up on all the subs today! Heart to Horse Box had a great holiday themed December box! Heart to Horse Box is a horsey subscription that you can order either as a one time box or as a monthly delivery. I opted for the sub since I like presents. You save a little each month that way too. This sub is unique in that it includes something for the horse AND something for the rider each month. My favorite part is that 25% of sales each month is donated to a local charity. This month's charity recipient is Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue. They seem to be a favorite as they've been the recipient the last many months.

The information card shows everything included in the box on one side, and has a coupon plus some information about the charity on the other side. I love seeing photos of actual horses who are being helped by the proceeds. Let's see what was in this month's December's box!
For the Horse:
Mrs. Pastures Cookies
 Treats! In an adorable stocking. I love that this was included. I actually gave these out to my horsey friends this year, so I was extra excited to get one back!

Cowboy Magic Green Spot Remover
 This stuff really is magic. I don't currently have a gray horse, but when I did, this was a must have! It still is really since Rio LOVES to get poo on his sock. I can't believe it's full size! What a great thing to get!

Tail Brush
 One can never have too many of these! I love this particular model as I can use it for my hair too. Don't pretend like you don't borrow your horse's tail brush after a particularly sweaty day in your helmet!

For the Rider:
The Noble Outfitters Wine Down Hoof Pick
 Obviously when I discovered this existed I bought it right away. But that doesn't mean a second one is welcomed! Now I can keep one in my show trunk AND one in the truck. Because they aren't always in the same place at the same time.

Horse Hair bracelet making kit
 I keep saying I'm going to send some of Rio's tale hair off to be made into a fancy bracelet. Now I can make my own! I'll probably still have one made that will be much more fancy that I can do, but this should hold me over until then.

Gift bag
This is a really pretty gift bag, and though I did not wind up using it this year for the holidays, one of my friends may end up seeing it at a birthday!

This isn't at all useful on its own, but it was actually interesting to see in person. This is a tine for the fancy new pitchfork that Noble Outfitters sells. It's called the wave fork. It's very light weight, and you can pick your colors to build your fork. Supposedly it's very durable and not likely to break, but if it does, you can replace individual tines rather than the whole fork. I haven't yet decided if I'll get one, but the coupon and the sample were a welcome inclusion in the box!

Once again, this was a great box! I didn't do a cost breakdown, but I feel like I really did get my moneys worth again this month. The hoof pick alone retails for 19.99 which is more than half the price of the box.

I already can't wait for January's box! It ships this week... woohoo! If you're interested in trying Heart to Horse Box, head over here and check it out. That's not a referral link. As far as I know they do not have any referral incentives. If they do, someone tell me so I can cash in!
What do you think of Heart to Horse Box?


  1. How much is the box??!?! what a ton of great stuff!

    Katie @ Katie Wanders

    1. It's not super cheap, but I think it's worth it! It's 34.99 for one month, but if you subscribe to get it regularly you get 10% off. So for me it's 31.49 per month. About the same as Barkbox!