Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! Ok, so I won't leave you hanging any more than I am. So far all is going well with the vetting. I'm waiting to hear how the x-rays look and for the blood work to come back, but the clinical all went great! So now we wait till tomorrow... UGH! I hate waiting! But while we wait, we can talk about what else is up this Wednesday!
Thursday I got to hang out with my niece after work for a few hours. We played hide and seek:
Her hiding skills are in progress... And read lots of bed time stories! So fun watching her grow up!

Before leaving for Florida, I made sure to spend some quality time with all the four leggeds I would be leaving at home. The tall kids had lots of groomies:

The short kids prefer cuddles to groomies.

I had a 4:30 flight on Saturday, so had plenty of time to run errands before leaving. I had to pick up some supplements for the tall kids, and got to meet the new mascot at my local tack store:
His name is Reins, and he's ridiculously adorable!
My flight was uneventful, and the best part was when they let those of us at the back of the plane exit through the back instead of waiting an extra 20 minutes. Thanks Jet Blue!

sorry this is blurry. I was trying to keep walking...
Florida has been great! I got to ride everyday. Tuesday I rode THREE horses. And then was exhausted. But we did fit in family mani/pedi's.
Today I set jumps for my trainer and rode the buckskin for the vet.

The rest of the trip has included playing with pups and goats and eating.

I head back to the frozen north tomorrow. Here's hoping the giant snow storm they're predicting decides to stay south!
What's up with you this Wednesday? Fill me in below in the comments!