Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What's Up Wednesday.... night.

I better type quick or this will infringe on Thursday! I was hoping to have a very exciting horse show to recap for you this week, but alas, it rained the entire time I was in FL. My trainer and I decided the footing was not holding up well enough to be worth showing. Gotta do what's best for the ponies. Always! I still had a great time while I was away.
When I got to my trainer's barn Thursday morning, Cara had pulled a shoe, so I couldn't ride her. I did get to ride the little stallion Charlie though. I have such a crush on him! He's an overgrown pony. This is him being grumpy:
You'll just have to trust me that he's adorable. After playing with ponies we played with these two goats:

Friday it was pouring rain. We stopped by the horse show to enter and get a number, and that was about it for playing with ponies.

We played with dogs instead.
Then I got my nails done because what else was there to do?
I can't show you the right hand... those nails are all nubs! But lefty is looking fancy!
Saturday? More rain. We stopped at the show, watched some horses splashing through the lake ring, and decided it was a no go for us. The footing was ok for the little classes in the morning, but even at just 3'3" it didn't seem like it was going to hold up. Bummer. On the bright side, I got some free boot socks in the exhibitor gift bag.
Once I got back to the house, the family all went to Toys R Us. Saturday night was the annual boat parade. During the parade, police boats pull up to docks collecting for Toys for Tots. My dad wanted to make sure we had plenty of toys when the boats pulled up, so family trip to the toy store! Seriously, this would have been my dream day when I was 9. We loaded up 3 carts until they overflowed, and headed home.
We did not bring a large enough vehicle. The passengers in the back seat were covered too. So fun!
It actually stopped raining for the parade. We had a little party with family and friends. The food was fantastic, and the parade was so fun! The pictures didn't come out that well, but here's one to give you an idea:
Sunday morning it wasn't raining, but it had rained pretty hard over night. My trainer said it didn't look good for the show, but that her ring was drying out pretty well so I should come ride. YES PLEASE!!! I got to ride Cara and Charlie. They were perfect despite having a few days off.

Do you see those shadows?! That's because the SUN came out! It nearly blinded us all. We'd forgotten what it looked like. But fear not. It was raining by the time I got home. The rest of Sunday and Monday morning consisted primarily of eating and relaxing with the family. Monday afternoon I flew back home. Once home, I cleaned up the barn, took care of the ponies, and picked the dogs up at my mom's. She made me tacos! Who's better than mom? Free dog care AND dinner?! She's the best there is.
Yesterday, after a ridiculous day at work trying to get caught up, I rode Jampy and groomed Rio and Romey. It was nice to hang out with my boys again! I miss them when I'm away. (Especially Rio, but don't tell the others I said that!)
It's supposed to be freakishly warm out this weekend so I'm hoping to maybe sit on Romey... I'll let you know next week how that works out!
What's up with you this Wednesday? Any horse shows? Running? Shopping? Tell me what you've been up to in the comments!

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