Thursday, April 11, 2013

Something new!

It's no secret that I love presents. And that includes presents I buy myself :) This must be why I love the subscription boxes that have gotten so popular. Scroll down to my post about Stridebox for an example. Recently I signed up for a new one that's just starting out. It's from Ophelia's Apothecary and April was the first month!
My friend Lacey from My Boyfriend Hates Makeup had shared Ophelia's Apothecary on her Facebook page, so I went over to see what it was. Ophelia makes her own lotions, lip gloss, jewelry, soap... All kinds of neat things. I was at first reluctant to sign up as I'm terrible about remembering to moisturize and I don't wear a lot of makeup. But for only $15.00 a month and no commitment, I gave it a try. I am SOOOOO happy I did!
It doesn't come in a box per se, but rather just a plain envelope. On the one hand, I appreciate fancy boxes and packaging, but on the other, I'd rather my monthly payment go toward useful items than packaging. Plus the items inside were bundled up very neatly and with the same string they used at the bakery my grandparent's took me too as a kid. Ahh nostalgia...

I was impatient so I didn't I take a photo before opening the envelope. But look how many items were packed in there! I was impressed by all the packages in there. But was even more impressed when I opened them up and most had multiple things wrapped up inside! But that's for later.
My favorite part about this subscription is that Ophelia sends a survey to find out more about her subscribers. What scents you like, and allergies you may have etc. I noted on mine that I can't wear anything but gold for earrings, but that otherwise I'm allergy free. (Well truthfully I'm allergic to hay and penicillin but I don't think Ophelia uses either of those things in her products ;)) Included in the package is a page describing what all of the items are and their ingredients. At the bottom of the page is a hand written note from Ophelia.
Bonus points for using the word swell. (I'm working on incorporating that into my everyday vernacular) EXTRA bonus points to Ophelia because she actually read my about my earring issues and not only acknowledged it, but substituted a necklace for me (other subscribers got earrings in their packages). On top of all that, it's GORGEOUS!
full view of necklace
close up of pendant
The other items from Ophelia's Apothecary were a full size lip balm and samples of  soap, face cream, hand and cuticle lotion, lip gloss (YES!), and a face scrub called "Dirty". (Haha, I like that!) I haven't tried them yet since they just arrived today, but everything smells AMAZING!

Now that seems like plenty of stuff for $15.00 don't you think? The necklace alone has to be worth much more than that! But that's not all that was in there. Nope, there were 3 more items! These were from a friend of Ophelia who sells her items on Etsy. Here they are:

Awesome, right?! The two smaller towels are sized somewhere between a wash cloth and a hand towel. One is organic and one is "regular" but they feel very similar to each other. Great to have around! The tie dye one is gorgeous, and quite large. About the size of the towels they have in hotels to use as a bath mat... you know what I mean right? Only it's a lot prettier that those are.
So to summarize, this "box" is FULL of awesome things to try and love. Also included were coupons for use on full size products.  I'm almost nervous what next month will bring, I mean, how can Ophelia top this?! I shall leave you with some photos of all my new loot:


  1. not only did you get me onto stridebox... but now you are sucking me into make up jewelry and dog toy monthly prescriptions. you are powerful......