Thursday, August 30, 2018

Thursday's Threads: UPDATED! I forgot the best accessory!

Happy Outfit day everyone! And it's a double one today because I have a riding outfit! No running outfit though, I postponed today's run because the 98% humidity and 80 degrees at 6:30 this morning was not inviting. Let's jump right in! Riding outfit up first:

Ponies and barn colors. Probably one of the best outfits ever.

Helmet: Charles Owen GR8
This is the face of an out of shape rider on a warm day. But how great does greeny still look?!

Top: Tory Burch
I've had this tee for ages, and I still love it. I snagged it when it went on closeout.

Belt: Mane Jane
I really love the gold Mane Jane belt strap. It is kind of perfect for my barn colors since technically they are hunter and tan but sometimes I use gold instead. This is sort of both!

Breeches: George Morris Collection
I did a whole review on these awhile back, so you've already seen them. I still really like them. They hold up well to washing and drying, and they don't sag in the crotch like the pipers do.

Socks: Swanky Saddle
I'm still loving my logo socks from Swanky Saddle. I'm thinking if/when I show again that I should get some in black. I much prefer these nylon socks to the cottony dreamers and schemers ones. I LOVE the D&S prints though, so obviously I won't quit them. I just wish they were made of this material.

I wore my old standby boots, the Regals. I'll probably be wearing them for awhile. Not sure I want to break in boots on someone else's horse. And none of my fun boots are that close to being broken in. But we'll see.

And now on to today's work outfit. Holly wanted to see either a cookie outfit or something to do with space. I don't have too many cookie items, they've been lumped into the sweet snacks genre, so I went with space. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a suitable cardigan to wear for work, so I couldn't wear my NASA tank top. Boo. But I think it all came together anyway.

cameo by P
Ok, maybe you can't see the space theme from afar.... But you will!

Top: Lucky Brand
See?! It has moons and stars on it! Not a bad substitute though the space shuttle tank would have been more fun. Love the colors on this one though. (Shocking I know... it's green and gold.)

Belt: C4
See? I told you last week C4 never lets me down when I have a theme to accessorize. I haven't made this one into a bracelet yet, but hopefully it will be for the next time I wear a space outfit.

Jeans: Seven
Nothing special here, these aren't space themed. Just a comfy pair of jeans. Kind of sky color I guess?

Shoes: Cat & Jack
These are childrens shoes. Lol. I also have a pretty sweet pair of high tops that are space themed. But it's way too hot this week for high tops. Next time! Does anyone else think that rocket looks more like a Russian bomb? No? Just me?

Arm Party!
Lefty was supposed to have a pretty sweet constellation bangle (that lights up!) but it didn't get here. Boo. This awesome astronaut is holding down the job just fine.

Righty has some homemade creations on. The first has these really pretty galaxy looking beads alternating with space shuttles. The next is astronauts, and the last one has astronauts and space shuttles. I used some of the "unicorn" colored beads as spacers because I think they can double as galaxy colors. So versatile!

UPDATE! I forgot to share the necklace! Here it is:
Necklace: Modcloth
I didn't make this necklace, but whoever did shops at the same bead place I do.. How cute is this?! I can't believe I forgot when I posted this morning.

So that's my space outfit! (And my riding outfit!) Any favorites from today? Are you disappointed that I didn't wear the space shuttle tank? I kind of am. But hey, next time! I have a few fun themes waiting to be worn, but I'm open to suggestions if anyone wants to see something in particular!


  1. I don't think I could bring myself to wear that gorgeous Tori Burch shirt to ride. But maybe you don't end up quite as dirty as me ;)

    1. I always said I would never do that... But it's pretty old at this point. I managed to stay fairly clean, and hopefully oxy clean will fix the rest...

  2. That Tori Burch shirt is amazing! I'm curious to try some breeches from the GM line.

    1. I like them, especially for the price point. They may be short for you, but definitely worth trying them on!

  3. Pony outfit and space outfit! What could be better?! Love that Tory shirt soooooo much, wish I had one! You and Karen keep talking about those GHM breeches... I may have to actually get some soon!

    1. I hate to say it... but I think they may be too short for you. Not sure if they come in longs. But definitely worth a try on, you never know!

  4. Replies
    1. I loved that print so much, I hunted down the tote bag AND the shirt dress on ebay.