Thursday, May 4, 2017

Thursday's Threads

Outfit day falls on a very special day this year... May the 4th! Star Wars Day! Growing up, my brother was Star Wars obsessed. So as a good sister, I saw all the movies and became a much less fanatical fan myself. While I wouldn't find myself waiting overnight in line for tickets or anything crazy, I do enjoy the franchise. And thus, definitely down to celebrate Star Wars Day. You can probably imagine what that entails if you're me...

I know. I really know how to get in the spirit of things. Wait till you get the closeup experience!

T-shirt: Rock and Republic
Long sleeve T: Old Navy
Sadly it's not warm enough here yet for short sleeves so I had to layer. My mom actually gave me this shirt for Chanukah, and I was pretty excited for it. Bedazzled Darth Vader? Duh. Yes Please!

Jeans: Henry and Belle
These pants are totally bad ass. They're thinner than denim, but are similar to coated jeans. I guess they're like coated cotton? I dunno. Whatever they are, they're stretchy and comfy and have zipper ankles. Bad ass.

Shoes: Irregular Choice

These are potentially the most epic pair of flats that I own. And that's saying something. They're C3PO, covered in glitter, and have these awesome soles. I mean... Do you have more epic shoes that these? If you do, you best email me proof.

Thanks to Zulily and a sub box named Fandom of the Month, I have a pretty fabulous Star Wars themed jewelry collection.
I actually had choices here, (dork alert: level Red) and decided to go with this wire necklace that actually reads Jedi, though it's hard to see in the photo.

Arm party!
Yep, that's Darth there in some rhinestone glory next to my apple watch. They make a good team.

It was impossible to get a decent photo of righty today. Too much going on. First up is a wrap bracelet from Fandom of the Month. It reads "The force is strong with this one." Next up is a charm bracelet featuring some of the original cast: Chewy, C3PO, a storm trooper, and of course Darth Vader. The last two bangles feature R2D2 and Luke & Leah respectively.

Ok, enough geeking out, I'm sure what you really came for was last night's riding outfit! So here it is:

It was pretty chilly last night, in the mid 50's with stupid wind. So I had to layer a bit!

Polo and Sweatshirt: Annie's Equestrian

I had actually thought these two pieces were the same plaid, but they're actually not. Oops. Close enough though. Don't tell the fashion police!

Breeches: Ariat
These are oldies but goodies. I think I got them 3 years ago, and they haven't died  yet!

Belt: Burberry
The plaid on the polo short is almost the same as Burberry's! Closer than the sweatshirt is anyway...

Boots: HKM Equestrian
I haven't worn these in awhile, and figured it was a good time to break them out last night. I remembered why I don't wear them much... The foot is a little too big. It's not terrible, but I do wish I had sized down. Jampy wanted to match me, so he wore these awesome front boots from Le Mieux:
I know. We're the most awesome momma-pony duo. That's love my friends.

And that's what I'm wearing this week! What do you have on? Do you celebrate May the 4th?


  1. Those shoooooessssss omg! I feel like you win the internet with your May 4th outfit!

    1. Haha! Thank you!
      Though they are definitely up there on the awesome list, these shoes gave me the worst blisters!