Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

Phew! These busy Wednesdays are really interfering with my blogging.... Sorry for the delay once again. I should change the title to What's up Wednesday Night!
This past week was fairly quiet. No parties, no races, no horse shows. It was actually kind of nice to have a semi-free weekend.
Saturday morning I went to my trainer's farm to get one last ride on Cara before they head south for the winter. (I'm so sad they're leaving me! Ok... maybe it's jealous...) I had a great ride on her, and even jumped 3'6"-3'9" fences! It's been a long while since I've jumped higher than 3'3" so I was pretty excited.
Cara post-ride. Too busy snacking for photos.
As an added surprise, I also got to ride the stallion, Charlie. He's my FAVORITE! And I haven't ridden him since last year when I was visiting in Florida. This time I got to jump him too. I even did some of the bigger (for me) verticals with him. I wish I had media to share, because I had so much fun! Trainer was all, "just jump around, the jumps are all so small, you'll be fine." And I was all, 3'9" is not small to me.... But she was right, we were just fine. Problem is that now I want to jump more big jumps! Not on Jamp though... It's his spooky season.
Speaking of that, this is what our rides look like now after work:
It's awesome the first few days, but it gets old pretty quickly. Especially when your horse is scared of the dark. And shadows. Jampy is terribly confused about having two shadows. (I have two big spot lights, hence two shadows.) Poor guy. He's pretty traumatized every evening.
In other horsey news, my little Duck is moving to Wisconsin. He's going to my stepmom's sister and her daughter. Hopefully he'll be a good boy out there. I'm having a terrible time finding him a ride though. All of the commercial shippers around me are busy shipping to the National Horse Show in KY and down to FL. No one seems to be going west. Ugh. Wish me luck on that venture.
Jampy and Rio took selfies with me the other night, so I'll just drop those here for your viewing pleasure:

The short kids are already working on hibernating for the winter. I would like to do that also.

That's pretty much all that's up here this week. What's up with you this Wednesday? Run any races this weekend? Go to any horse shows? Have anything coming up? Tell me about it in the comments!

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