Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Truthful Tuesday

I've been trying to pack stealthily for my long-weekend trip to Florida this week... Stealthily so the dogs don't notice of course. And I have to confess to you my friends: I am an over-packer. I should not need to check a bag for a 4 day trip. That's ludicrous! (Though doing so would allow me to bring my boot cleaner with me... so there's that I guess.)
I mean, I need show clothes, so that takes up some room. And my helmet and boots. (Talk about space hogs!) And then normal person clothes. And jammies. And running clothes. And shoes....
The responsible thing would be to pack outfits that all require the same pair of shoes. But wear the same shoes for 4 days?! Really? Just one pair? Ok. I'll try.
Do you have trouble packing? Any suggestions? Please don't say wear the boots on the plane!


  1. First off, I'm so jealous about your trip to Florida!!! I need to go somewhere warm ASAP!! and I so wish I could give you packing trips, but I'm the worst! Especially if I'm packing with friends or going somewhere with friends, I pack everything and the kitchen sink. But, it's okay to live a little and it's better to be over prepared than under, so girl overpack away!!


    1. I knew you'd understand! At least when flying solo, there's no one there to judge my lack of packing skills!

  2. It is VERY critical that the pugs don't notice you packing.

    I have no tips. Sometimes I overpack, sometimes I underpack. I hope you have a wonderful trip!