Monday, December 22, 2014

Blueberry Cove Subscription Box: BEADS!

Ok, I know I haven't been sharing my jewelry projects lately, but I do actually have a few things to show off after the holidays. Until then, I have to share with all of you a brand new sub box for jewelry makers! It's from Blueberry Cove Beads and is $27.00 a month (22 plus five for shipping- very reasonable given it ships from Nova Scotia). Blueberry Cove provided this box to me so I can review and share it with all of you. All opinions are my own. And want my opinion? I'm so excited about this box! Ok ok, enough talkie, more showie...

The box is a thin little guy, but he's full of great things!

Cutest info card I've ever seen. For real.

Just had to show a close up of the wooden tag. So cute.

Everything came packed in a satin pouch with that wooden tag tied to the pull strings. I used the pouch as my back drop for photos. I apologize for the not so great photos, but I had to take these at night. Terrible lighting!
The theme was woodland, so all items were based on things you would find in nature.

There were three full bead strands. These beads are super high quality. The round beads on the left are olive toned and are real stone. Stone beads are my favorite! I love the weight of them. In the middle are some wooden tube beads. I love these! I actually don't buy wooden beads all that often, but these are so perfect! The last strand also feels like they could be stone, but may actually be ceramic? I'm not certain, but they are very high quality, and I love the design of them!

 Also included were two packages of beads. Some plastic leaves with a hole by the "stem" and some cylinder, large hole, ceramic beads, which are GORGEOUS! They're a teal color, but aren't quite solid. Here's a close up of each of these:

Blueberry Cove included several charm/pendant type pieces. I really should have taken better photos of these, but since I didn't, I'll describe everything. Starting at the top left is a pendent with three birds on a branch. I want to put this on some leather cord as a necklace! Just under the birds are some acorn charms. They feel like brass, and are really adorable. I'm not sure yet what I want to do with them, but I know it will be cute! To the left of the acorns are some clasps that look like leaves. Very pretty! Under them are some tree charms that I think are pewter. I have a feeling they're going to be used with the acorns... Time will tell! Back up at the top to the right of the birds are some leaf charms. They are brass, and long and thin. I think I want to use them with seed beads shaped into flowers... Hopefully my idea will work, and I can show you what I mean... If not, just pretend I never said anything. Next to the leaves is an owl pendant. Owls are all the rage this season, so I was excited to see him in there!
I think my FAVORITE thing in the box is that beautiful green disc in the center. The obvious plan for that is to make a necklace, but I think I may try and make a bracelet with it. I really need to get some leather! Lastly, in the bottom right corner is a bonus gift for the Christmas season. it's Santa and a Christmas tree! They're going to be made into a gift for my niece for next year. Let's hope I don't forget between now and then.

Attempted closer look at the trees and the clasps
Blueberry Cove includes a challenge on the info card. This month it is to make a necklace using at least two items from the box. Winner gets next month's box for free! You can post your creation to their Facebook, Twitter, or website. I've been running around like crazy this past week/weekend, so I just threw something simple together. I made this necklace:

I know it's nothing fancy, but it fits perfectly with the woodland theme! In my completely partial opinion, it looks pretty cute on too! Even if I am wearing it backwards. Oops.

I REALLY love this box. Maybe it's because they jumped right in with my favorite color scheme? I'm not sure... But I love it. If I had one suggestion, I think it would be nice if they also included some stringing materials. Many subscribers probably already have something around to string with, but it might be more appealing to new beaders to not have to head to the store before starting their first project. Other than that, this box is perfect. The quality and quantity of the items is really impressive, especially for the cost.

If you're interested in subscribing head over to Blueberry Cove and get signed up! You can tell them I sent you, but as far as I'm aware, they do not have a referral program.

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