Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I recently stumbled upon a code for Barkbox that equaled a 6 months sub for $56.00. That's a HUGE savings as it's normally $29.00 per month. How could I not indulge the short fur kids?! Our first one arrived this past week, so I figured I'd share it with you. Let's see what was in it!

Info Card:

I thought this was a dinosaur, but apparently it's a hippo hybrid of some sort... Anyway it's adorable and squeaky; Artie will love it!

Initially, I thought this was a treat ball, but it's actually not. It's a teaser ball! A ball within a ball, if you will. The outer ball is hard plastic and it has holes in it. Inside is a softer ball that they are supposed to want to try and get out. Only they can't. I'm excited to see them interact with this toy!

The rest of the items are all snacks. I'm not sure if Pia can eat them all, she has a lot of food allergies, but Artie definitely can! I did notice though, they are mostly wheat free, which bodes well for P! Nice work Barkbox!

So that is our first Barkbox! I was definitely satisfied with the contents and am looking forward to spoiling the fur kids with everything. I wish they'd make a sub box for ponies!


  1. yay! glad they get barkbox! so cute! and little dogs get a different one so its fun to see what they get ;) let me know how they like the toys!

    1. Artie thinks that hippo hybrid is the best toy EVER!