Monday, July 8, 2013

These Mondays keep sneaking up on me...

I'm not sure where this weekend went... It was kind of a split weekend for me, since I had to work Friday. Maybe that's why it went so fast!
Thursday was July 4th. 'Merica's b-day! So most people do things like drink beers, go swimming, BBQ. But we all know I'm nothing like most people. I got up early and ran a 4 mile road race with my friend Katie right in my own little town! (Check out Katie's blog here).
This is us pre-race:
See how happy and not sweaty we look? That didn't last long. It was already over 80 degrees at 8 am and we won't even discuss the humidity. Now I'd like to point out, I am merely discussing the weather, NOT COMPLAINING! I am fully aware that because of how much I HATE WINTER, I cannot ever complain about heat. (Though I think it's fair to complain about humidity. It's awful when it's hot OR cold.) This lovely 4 mile tour through our small town is very pretty, fortunately somewhat shady, and UNfortunately VERY hilly. Ugh. I hate hills almost as much as winter. But not quite. I mean, at least hills are good for me in the long run (get it? See what I did there?) Due to the weather and the hills... This is us after:
(We accumulated some more friends along the way. Well before really, and then they found us again after. Details...) Notice we are soaking wet and the smiles are much smaller. But we finished! I have to give HUGE props to Katie for running with me the whole time. This race was a struggle for me and my old lady legs. I even walked a bunch. Katie was feeling great, but stayed with me anyway. So nice of her! Nothing worse than a rough, lonely run. Definitely helps to have a buddy by your side! Also a huge help are all the neighbors who had hoses and sprinklers going for the runners to cool off with along the route. I love living in my small town and all of the camaraderie you see.
I already mentioned I had to work Friday, so not to much to discuss there. Work, work, work. Fortunately, after a surprisingly busy morning, it did quiet down, and I got to leave at 4 to go ride. Yay!
Saturday was more horse show fun for me! It was still very hot, so I decided that I would just take Jamp to the horse show. Rio is getting up there in years and doesn't do very well in the hot weather so he got a reprieve. Jampy, though, is in his prime; he can handle anything! He was such a super boy Saturday, but I was a little off my game. We ended up with lower ribbons in all of our classes:
For those not in the know... yellow is third, white fourth, and green sixth

I checked the mail when I got back from the horse show and found these photos had arrived from the Saratoga show in June:
Rio being perfect

Jampy also being perfect
They are just the cutest, aren't they? Love them so much.
So after checking the mail, Ducky got a schooling ride from my trainer (which was long overdue!) and he was great! Then I cleaned the stalls and rode Rio... Phew, long day!
And finally... SUNDAY! I've been looking forward to my Sunday off for weeks now. WEEKS! I got up at 7 to feed the horses and clean stalls, and then had the whole rest of the day for ME! Well mostly anyway. After barn chores, I went to the farmer's market in town. Once again, I was reminded how great it is to live in a small town. Fresh grown veggies from local farmers? Yes please! Not only that, but my favorite breadmaker was there, and I even got some fancy cheese! I know it's fancy because it's really expensive. And delicious. Mmmm, cheese.
Post farmer's market, I checked on the ponies and then jumped in my pool for a swim. So nice to finally use it! P joined me for a bit too:

After relaxing poolside for about an hour, I got a call that my vet was nearby and could stop by for a little maintenance Jamp has been needing. What good timing is that?! Perfect! So we did that, and then I tackled laundry and house straightening. All in all, a very productive, yet relaxing Sunday. Ahhhh. So nice!
How did you all spend your weekend? Do anything fun? Relaxing? Crazy? I hope whatever you did was as relaxing yet productive as my weekend!

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