Saturday, July 6, 2013

Still playing catch up!

I bet you were all like what happened to Ophelia's Apothecary this month? Did the amateur unsubscribe?! Fear not, my readers, fear not. I just haven't gotten around to posting. So here goes!
I didn't bother with a before opening photo, but here's a just out of the box photo:
I'm always super excited to see what's inside. Ophelia does a great job of picking things to match your profile and once again, she's spot on!

This is a loose powder eye shadow in a sparkly whitish color. Gorgeous!

This is a rollerball scent called Summer '13. I LOVE it. It smells like summer in a tube. Seriously.

Green scrubby mitt! I use a lot of body wash and am always wanting to replace my scrubby ( I mean you can  only use them for so long before, well... EW) So I loved getting this one. And I love green, all shades. Win-win!
I forget the actual scent of this soap sample, but it smells great. And all of Ophelia's soaps are non greasy feeling. Another love!

Ok so you all probably don't know me that well. But I really think Ophelia knows me very well... I often joke that people invite me to BBQ's and outdoor events simply because they need bug control. Mosquitoes LOVE me. Love. Seriously. I went mini golfing the other night and came home with 11 bites.  11. And they all itch. So Ophelia included BUG SPRAY in the box this month. Yes, that's right, homemade, natural bug spray. I really wish I'd had it with me for the putt putt outing...

And now for my FAVORITE part of the box. You all know of my love of arm candy. So it's not shocking that I LOVE this wrap bracelet. It's hard to tell in the pictures but it has an adorable little butterfly charm on it. Also it's a really nice shade of purple which didn't photograph very well.

 So as per the norm, Ophelia's Apothecary sent an AMAZING high value box. I really love the products, especially that everything is homemade. OH! I nearly forgot, I didn't do an individual pic for some reason, but you can see way back in the beginning of my post there was a bubble ring! Go ahead and scroll back up to see, I'll wait......
See it? Adorable right? How fun for summer! So nostalgic to blow bubbles outside.
As per the norm, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this sub!
Want to try it? You really should. It's 15.00 per month and you get so much for the money. Go visit Ophelia's Apothecary on Facebook to sign up. Tell her Stacie from an Amateur at Large sent you. If four of my lovely readers sign up, I get a free month! Yay! And should you sign up four people you'll get a free one too!

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