Thursday, June 1, 2023

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Outfit Day! Okay... so I said no more navy for awhile, but I have some fun navy stuff that I haven't worn yet, and so here we are. Wearing blue again. Since Al is still at the boarding barn and still donning navy on the regular, he is our model today. Here's what he wore (none of his stuff is new):

Bridle: Joseph Sterling
Browband: Dark Jewel Designs

Definitely had to use draw reins today because we rode without any horse buddies. Life is very scary without horse buddies. Fortunately, he kept a lid on his emotions and we had a lovely ride. 

Saddle: Butet
Saddle Pad: Ogilvy
Half Pad: Ippico

Boots: Premier Equine
Love these for the hotter days. They seem cooler than the fuzzy boots.

And here's what I had on:
Navy almost seems out of place in my green trimmed barn...

Helmet: One K
It's dusty, I know. Everything is dusty. We seem to only get rain once a week these days, if we're lucky. 

Shirt: HV Polo
I really wanted to wear this today because it's spring here in New England which means it starts out in the 60's and finishes in the upper 80's. So I wanted something warm enough for the morning but cool enough for the afternoon. This was a good choice since the top part and the sleeves are perforated. Like having A/C in your shirt! This is a fun, relatively inexpensive brand that I've found in many of the European tack store websites. I happened to snag this top on sale, so it was only around $20. The piping on it is a metallic gold which didn't show up well in the photo. 

Belt: Mane Jane
I needed navy, a gold buckle, and not too wide because these belt loops are small. So obviously, I went with Mane Jane.

Breeches: QHP
I've nearly put these in the for sale pile a few times. At first because they were too small, and then because they were a little big. But I've decided I really like them, so I'm keeping them. They are a little loose right now, but they don't rub or anything, and they're a great weight for summer. 

Boots: Pioneer
A few months ago I stumbled across these boots for sale on Facebook. It's VERY rare to find used boots in my size because I have lady sized calves and basically child sized feet. But every now and then I get lucky! These were very inexpensive and I don't think they were ever actually ridden in. So I jumped at the opportunity. They are a touch too tall, I have a pretty serious heel lift in them at the moment. But the width and foot are perfect. I should have snapped some more photos, because you can't really see all the details from this angle. The toe cap has a punched toe, and inside each of the punches are crystals. There are also crystals along the V shape on the top. The gold part looks painted on, and it's metallic. Super fun! I'm not sure this is something I would have designed and ordered for myself, but I really do love them. Sometimes you have to let the boot universe tell you what you need.

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