Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thursday's Threads

Outfit Day! So, yesterday they said it would be in the 50's which didn't actually happen, and today's supposed to be in the 60's, so I'm hopeful maybe spring is going to show up? We'll have to wait and see. It's kind of tricky to dress myself in these conditions though!
I opted for a light weight sweater and some jeans. Layers are a must today!

Sweater: Lisa Todd

You thought I was being fairly classy today, didn't you! Nope. One elbow says ouch and the other has a bandaid! Lol! I first saw this sweater at some pricey boutique. I HAD to have it, but not at that price. So I waited VERY PATIENTLY (seriously!) until it went on clearance from the designer's site. I think it's hilarious.

Jeans: Lucky Brand
I try not to make a habit of wearing ripped jeans to work, but I mean, with the sweater elbows, how could I not?

Shoes: Blowfish
I feel like some Converse might have completed the outfit a touch better (like kind of skater vibe right?) but I'm not sure where mine are, and I think they don't match... So I went with a nod to the Canadian Tuxedo instead with these denim shoes. They're comfy like slippers so that's also a bonus.

Arm Party!
Lefty is wearing a fun spike bracelet from Ettika and a cute little friendship bracelet, that I'm not positive the brand. It may also be Ettika?

Righty kept the denim trend going with a little stack that I made awhile back.

I have a riding outfit to share too! This is from Sunday.
Those are some NON flattering breeches right there! One of the most comfy pairs though... I guess you can't have it all.

Helmet: One K Defender Snakeskin
I had forgotten how very ventilated these helmets are until I wore it this weekend in the 42 degrees. Brrr... Maybe better for warmer weather!

Sweatshirt: Skidmore College
I have a pretty extensive sweatshirt collection from my Alma Mater. How could I not? We have the same taste in colors and mascots! This one is the softest most amazing sweatshirt I've ever owned. It leaves little fabric pills everywhere which would be annoying, but it's so amazing I let that go.

Belt: Sandy Duftler
You guys. I got this belt on ebay for $5 plus shipping. It barely even had a wear mark on it from the buckle! For reference, this is the same brand that makes the really pretty spur belts that are $125. Deal of the century!

Breeches: Ariat
Though not particularly flattering, these are one of my favorite pairs of breeches. They're really stretchy and have great pockets.

Socks: Swanky Saddle
Why yes, that is my barn logo on my socks! Swanky Saddle can customize their socks with any logo or initials or whatever. I LOVE how these came out. I'm a fan of Dreamers and Schemers because the patterns and prints are so fun, but I much prefer this type of nylon sock. And how fun to have my logo on them?

Boots: Pioneer
Glitter boots!!!! I took these out for their first ride on Sunday finally! I was smart this time and slathered that patent leather with some Guder Sits before I got on, and they were much better than the time I tried the blue ones on their own. As is the norm with any new boot (other than Regals) they were stiff and kind of awful in that new boot way. But they fit great, and I think they're gorgeous! Can't wait until they're broken in!

Pony outfits! The boys wanted to share what they wore to ride this weekend too.

 Bonnets: No brand
Rio:Royal Sports
Jampy: Da Vinci

I found these on Ebay after I had gotten the pads. I was so excited to find matching bonnets!

Saddle: Hermes Essentielle
Saddle Pads: Lettia
Girths: Jack's Mfg.
regular pad
baby pad
I picked up the smiley face pads at Jeffers on super duper clearance. The pad was marked down to $17 and the baby pad was $6. How do you not buy them?

Rio: HKM Sportboot
Jampy: HKM Glockler
I really like the sportboots that Rio's wearing. We have them in a bunch of colors. I think I'm not supposed to put them in the dryer as they have cracked in a few spots, but overall they're holding up pretty well. The jump boots I LOVE! I had seen them awhile back with the crowns and was like NEED. But they had already been discontinued and I couldn't find them anywhere in horse size. And then randomly I stumbled across them on Ebay from a shop in Florida. It was very exciting!

That's it for today! Any favorites? What are you and your horses wearing today?


  1. Sometimes I feel good about my commitment level to match matchy and then I read Thursday Threads and realize what an amateur I am 😂😂😂 the riding outfits from Saturday are particularly inspiring!

    1. Oh I think you do a pretty exceptional job in the teal department!

  2. A+++ commitment to outfits!!! How do you store your saddle pads and wraps/fly veils? Is there a system so you can see all your options!

    1. Currently it's organized chaos... The bonnets all live in a tray in one of my trunks, so they're easy to find. But the pads and boots/wraps are kind of spread out among a couple of trunks and rubbermaid bins. I have a plan to get more organized, but I haven't been able to get it in motion yet!

  3. The outfits are great and all, but can we talk about your cell phone cover: So cute!

    1. Thanks! I'm a 12 year old at heart. I got it at Claire's. It has a little tail that dangles off it too!

  4. OMG! THOSE BOOTS! SO SHINY! You absolutely MUST get pics of them in action, preferably on a sunny day so I can see them really sparkle! STUNNING!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I'm hoping the sun will decide to come back one of these days!

  5. haha the elbows on your shirt are pretty funny!

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