Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 in Retrospect

Well... I guess that's a wrap on 2017. It's a good thing I don't actually set goals, cause well... I accomplished very little this year. It's funny, looking back, I can't really complain about this year, it was fine. Nothing truly amazing happened, but nothing terribly devastating did either, so I'd call it a good year! I'll try and keep my recap brief. Mostly because the parents are cooking up a pretty incredible meal, but also because nothing really happened this year. Let's just take it month by month shall we?

January started out pretty great since I was in Florida. I got to meet up with Devon and it was my first official blogger meet up! Even if it was just the two of us.

About a week later Jorge my new truck arrived just in time (as in, the middle of a snow storm).

I bought some stuff. Cause I have no self control.

I also got to take some lessons at a new barn and ride some new horses, but didn't really get any media.

February I actually got to ride my horses at home a couple of times before more snow came. And I started making these fun bracelets. I now have a gazillion of them.
I also went back to Florida and Badger did a little showing with my trainer before he tripped over himself and got sore.
I attended my towns super adorable winter carnivale, possibly for the very last time as they aren't doing it this year. It's gotten so popular that the crowd is too big. Such a bummer. And I bought more stuff because you know... I buy stuff.

I currently only have two of these four pair in my rotation. I sent one of the green ones and the blue ones to Used Horse Stuff. Fingers crossed they sell quickly!

March started off with a hivey horse (Jamp) and a pukey pup (Pia). Fortunately both were fixed up pretty quickly. Pia and I started taking the same stomach medicine. Cause we're both old.

Jamp turned 18.
All the boys got their teeth done, but Jampy didn't get a photo of it.

Rio made me think he was dying, but fortunately he wasn't. And the pugs did a lot of loafing. A LOT.

I didn't buy too much stuff... but I did get these awesome spurs.
And some grooming items because Amanda from the $900 Facebook pony told me to.

April was kind of busy. The horses got back to work.

Rio turned 21!
And I got to see Badger again! We even had a great jumping lesson. AND I got to ride and jump Cara a bunch.

Oh, I had a birthday too.
I did buy some stuff, but it didn't arrive in April so we'll see that later on.

May was kind of a bummer. The horses all had vet work done where we learned that Romey had an old break in his leg. Rio was diagnosed as being old (but otherwise hanging in!) and Jampy kind of had the same diagnosis as Rio. Old, but serviceable. He also had a quick bout with EPM, but we nipped that in the bud real quick.

I went to my first baseball game of the season:

I also bought some things....

June was stupid busy, but only partially with horse stuff. The month started off with my 15th college reunion up in Saratoga. I had such a fun weekend and even got to ride my friend's horse while I was up there!

I also traveled to Nantucket for Father's Day weekend.

And headed back to Saratoga for just one night to visit the horse show.
Badger turned 6!
Jampy did a lot of jumping and Romey did a fair amount of cantering.

I'm not sure I bought anything in June! Probably due to all that traveling.

July is when Romey decided he wanted to be a stationary hony and I decided I needed to find him a new home.
I also got super jealous that someone else might show my trainer's horse Cara. But that didn't come to pass. We were also dealing with Badger's pulled shoe and destroyed foot, so I didn't get much riding done on him.
We had Lobster Fest

And I began the most difficult, irritating, annoying project EVER... by ordering my fencing. The horses continued on as they had been: Jampy was jumping around, Rio was perfect, and Romey was a butt head.

August brought Romey back to Kentucky which was a bittersweet time for me and probably him too.
I did a LOT of braiding.

Jumped Jamp 3'6"

I won a gigantic Unicorn (kind of) which still hasn't found a permanent home but is residing on my couch.
I went to my second and final baseball game of the season and watched Darth Vader assist in the throwing of the first pitch.

And I bought a new show coat even though I don't show anymore.
September brought more "big for us" jumps with Jampy
A ridiculously fun "I Love the 90's" concert with my bestie
LOTS of fence drama

Rainbow colors in unexpected places

And a new pair of Regal boots
October was our second family trip to Nantucket for the year.
Rio ran a fever out of the blue, but fortunately whatever was ailing him passed quickly.
Jampy jumped some fun Halloween jumps

I ran a LOT of races

Hosted book club in the barn
And the boys met a Minion!
November started off pretty exciting when my new to me saddle arrived!
I dressed up as Skids Skidmore for an after Halloween party.
My outside lights all burned out. I briefly attempted riding with a head lamp (fail) and instead invested in some cordless LED's as a temporary fix.

I ran one more race.
Had my wash stall taken apart and put back together again thanks to a rodent and mold.
Wrote a post about George, the first horse I owned.
And I bought a LOT of stuff... (not pictured is the new trailer that won't come until February)

December has been busy, but sadly, not very busy with horses. It started out with a trip to Florida to see Badger and the boat parade.

The ponies wore lots of new outfits

And the pugs and I dressed the same
I went to lots of holiday related events, ate too much, and rode too little. But that's pretty typical for December. And here we are! The ball just dropped so it's officially 2018! Here's to a new year full of more horses and hopefully a show or 10!


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  2. I feel like you could have bought more boots.

    1. Is that a challenge?!
      Just kidding, I cannot accept that challenge....

  3. I think you bought more boots this year than I have bought in my entire life.

    Obvious take away: I need to up my boot game.

  4. I thought those green And tan boots seemed too familiar!!

    1. My fat ankles are someone else's gain! Hopefully anyway... I really need to pay for some of these boots I've bought....

  5. GIRL!!! How many boots do you have???? You seriously have the most impressive boot collection of anyone i have ever met!!! #sojelly

    Also- I just got a Voltaire as well (although it hasn't arrived yet!) How are you enjoying yours??

    <3 Kelly @

    1. Hahaha! I think I have 8 pairs? I sold 3 within the last three months, and I have a couple more at Used Horse Stuff. And the new ones haven't arrived so I'm not counting those yet!
      I LOVE my Voltaire. Since it was used, it does have a little squeak that I'm hoping to get repaired. My plan is to drop it off down here at the Voltaire tent before I head back north. Hopefully they'll be set up and that will work out. I feel very secure in it and it seems to sit well on the horses. My only complaint is that it slides back on all of them. My Hermes had a very narrow channel underneath (totally opposite of the Voltaire) and the saddle stayed put on everything. The Voltaire definitely slides back and even side to side a little. But I'm going to try a non slip pad and see if that helps.

  6. I want to come back in another life as a pug.

    1. They really do have the best life. They just lay around doing nothing all the time and everyone expects them to be fat. I feel like I'd be a pretty successful Pug.

  7. boots boots boots and more boots. That is a lot of boots. That is all :) LOL....what a year....and yeah you might need more boots.

    1. Well, when you don't really do much with your horses, you gotta find something to throw your money at! Lol... In my defense, I sold 3 pair, and have two more out on consignment. So, yeah, I probably do need some more! hahaha! KIDDING!

  8. "I bought a lot of stuff" hahah love this review. Looks like a great year! Handsome healthy horses! 2018 is the year we show together ;)

    1. Haha! Yeah, that's the synopsis pretty much! I'm not sure if 2018 will be my triumphant return to the show ring, but I'm hoping so!

  9. haha that coal miner's daughter look gets me every time lol

    1. Lol, yeah, that was probably not my smartest moment. But hey, nobody died!