Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Truthful Tuesday

This week I must confess... Not only did I drive 20 minutes to go to Taco Bell on Saturday night, but I was a complete glutton. COMPLETE. (Disclaimer: none of these photos are my own, I borrowed them from google images. I have no idea who they belong to.)

I started with Nachos Supreme as an appetizer:

 Next, I enjoyed two tacos (a Doritoes Locos Cool Ranch and a regular):

At this point, I was pretty stuffed. I had eaten every last bite of the above. But no meal is complete without some dessert right? And I heard about these amazing little chunks of heaven, so I had to give them a shot:

Yes. Those are cinnamon buns in the shape of donut holes filled with delicious cinnamon bun glaze, and warmed so it's all melty gooey yumminess inside. Ahhhhhh! SO MUCH DELICIOUSNESS!

I realize this may be a lot of food. Especially for someone who's currently about 8-9 lbs away from goal... But I have to admit to you, I have not a single regret. Sometimes you just have to indulge a craving, no matter how unhealthy it may be.

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