Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Truthful Tuesday

Folks... there's been another photo.

Clearly I've fallen off the weight loss bandwagon. Look at that BOOTY! Yes, caps lock BOOTY. Ugh. Thank goodness for photos to show me the truth. So for today, Truthful Tuesday is about my poor motivation.

Dieting is SO HARD. I mean on principal it's really simple. Eat carefully portioned healthy food and exercise a lot. But my body is rebelling! The eat healthy thing I am fairly good at. (Allowing for a cheat day here and there of course, it's the only way to have success!) But the exercise thing is killing me. Here's the thing about running, and I think almost any runner will agree (if they don't, they're probably lying): it never gets easier! No matter how fit you are, how carefully you plan/eat, you may go out for a run and it might be the hardest most miserable run EVER. Talk about discouraging. I've been having a series of these types of runs. My shins hurt, my ankles and feet hurt, and my brain won't stop whining. WHINE WHINE WHINE. Ugh. Shut it brain! I know I need new sneakers, but I don't really think that's entirely the issue. Mostly it's the brain. Stupid brain.

I think as an athlete, sometimes you have to step back. I know it's true with horses, if your or your horse's confidence has been shaken, you need to step back and get comfortable again. Then build back up. Running is much the same. I often feel so defeated if I have to stop and walk during a run. Or if my time is really slow. But you have to listen to your body, and sometimes even your stupid brain. For whatever reason, you need to step back and rebuild.

So to summarize my truths for this week:
I'm still chubby
I've been having slow sad runs
I'm feeling very whiny

How about you readers? Have anything you need to get off your chest? Exercise or dieting getting you down? What are some things you do to improve your mental outlook?


  1. running is so hard- FACT and after running 13 miles 3 can feel so hard- FACT! Try the run walk for longer runs, and for shorter runs maybe a new route to jazz things up!

    1. I am interested in trying that! Maybe I can join you for part of your run one weekend! Agree on the shorter new route. Truthfully the outside ones aren't too bad, it was my awful treadmill run last night that got me down a little.