Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Truthful Tuesday

So... I went to Florida where it was warm, but not too warm. And I didn't run at all. I planned to. I really did! I packed sneakers and running clothes and was excited to run OUTSIDE! But then, it just didn't happen.
I arrived Thursday afternoon and it was stormy. Not like CT stormy, but Florida stormy, where the skies open up and lightning strikes like crazy. So obviously I wasn't going out in that. Friday I ran out of time. I left the house to go riding at 8:15, and didn't get home until dinner time. I maybe could have gone before riding, but I haven't ridden in so long, I thought my legs might hate me. And I WAS there to ride. Saturday I showed first thing and was done really early. But I loitered around the horse show for awhile. I got home early enough, but somehow never made it out to run. I can't even remember what I did instead. Probably sat around and enjoyed this view:

Sunday I showed mid day. I didn't want to run beforehand and risk being too sore and tired to ride well. And by the time I was done and got back up to the house, it was late again. Oops.
That left Monday. I was all about going out for a run in the morning. But then I got stuck doing work for my job and working on some potential exciting news which I'll share later if it happens. Next thing I knew... Time to go to the airport. Ahhhh, there's never enough hours in the day!
I'm planning to get those free loading horses in the barn back to work tonight. I do plan to at least get a few miles in on the treadmill though.... We'll see how it all goes!