Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

In all honesty, not too much was up this past week. But I'll fill you in anyway! Here's What's Up:

-It snowed again Friday. It made for a VERY slow commute home. AND canceled my Friday plans. Booo. Thankfully Friday night was rescheduled for Saturday night so all was not lost. I met up with some friends for a game night. We played a game called Quelf, which would probably be more fun with heavy drinking... And some apples to apples which is always fun. Though I prefer Cards Against Humanity. If you've never played CAH, I suggest you give it a go! Unless you're super proper. If that's the case, you'll hate it.

-It was still snowing Saturday morning. The weatherman said it would end by 4AM. He was incorrect. It snowed until about 11. 5 inches later it actually got quite nice out. I decided to run errands in the morning and tend to the barn chores in the afternoon so the horses could enjoy the sunshine later in the day.

*Disclaimer... I know I posted these adorable photos of my ponies already. But they're adorable and deserve extra postings.

Because when you think spring, of course icicles come to mind...
-I was supposed to run a 5 mile road race on Sunday. But it was 22 degrees with 15 mph sustained winds when it would have been time to go. And I had zero interest in that. ZERO. Had I been running outdoors regularly, I would have toughed it out. But I haven't been. So I didn't. Instead I spent the morning with the ponies trying not to freeze. It never did get above freezing Sunday.

-After feeding the horses their breakfast Sunday morning, I took a few minutes to lounge with the short kids. I think they enjoyed the lazy Sunday as much as I did!

-Who says having four legged kids is all that different from the two legged variety? This is meal prep for the tall kids while I'm away. If only I prepped my own meals!

-While it's BARELY been above freezing here in the afternoons, it has been sunny, so some melting is going on. Thank goodness! The horses have a small path down one side of the ring that's clear, and they've been happy to meander down to the other end! Also, I have not failed to notice that Mother Nature is melting snow everwhere EXCEPT where I need it gone. Well played Mama, well played.

-I accidentally took a week off running, but got back on the 'mill last night and ran 3 miles. I set the machine to SLOW and just enjoyed the time. I watched Pretty Little Liars while running, which totally made the time go quickly! Running super slow allowed me to skip the walk breaks too! I stopped briefly at the halfway point to drink some water, but that was it.

-Tomorrow I head to Florida for a long weekend! I can't wait to escape these ridiculous temps. (Seriously weather it's almost APRIL!)

So that's What's Up this Wednesday! What's up with you? Any big plans coming up? Tell me all about the spring weather in your neck of the woods!
I shall leave you with some Pug adorableness.


  1. Your ponies are sooo cute, I'm definitely jealous! haha :)

    1. Thank you! I love them :)
      Thanks for stopping by! I love your blog!