Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What's Up Wednesday!

Time for another edition of What's Up Wednesday! Here's what's up this week:

-Well, we're back to temps in the 20's. Honestly, this weather is torture. TORTURE!

-I've been chosen to be a Girls Run Fast Ambassador! I'm excited to represent this creative brand. They make adorable running themed jewelry and apparel. I'm excited to see what they'll come up with next! Look for the Girls Run Fast hashtag on my Instagram and running posts! (You can find me on Instagram, user name: stacieseidman)

-I've been doing a decent job of keeping up with my planned runs! That's a feat in itself. I'm still mostly running intervals, but I did manage a full, non walking 5K the other night! Here's what I've managed to accomplish since last Wed:
Thurs: 3 nonstop running miles. Average pace about 10 min miles
Sat: 7 interval miles on the treadmill... Plus a break at 5 miles to swap the laundry. I ran a half mile at just under a 10 min/mile pace, then walked about 1.5 minutes in between for the duration. The exception being the 15 minutes I took to fold the laundry and start another load. Multitasking!
Tues: 3 miles. I ran 1 mile at a 9:41 min/mile pace, then walked for about a min in between each mile.
I really can't wait to get back to running outside. I'm not a fan of the ice or dark mornings, but hopefully that will all be gone soon!

-Sunday I was lucky enough to ride a friend's horse. It's been WAY too long since I've been in the saddle. I still remember how to ride, but I'm embarrassed to admit, I was REALLY sore the next day! Ugh, so out of shape... Come on spring, I need to get riding!

-Speaking of horses, I have some exciting news! I've been offered the opportunity to show one of my trainer's horses next week at the Wellington Equestrian Festival (WEF for those in the know). I've always dreamed of showing at the winter FL circuit, so I'm SO EXCITED to go do this! Many years ago, I actually had planned to take Rio. I got so far as sending in my entries and stall reservations (and a whole lot of non-refundable money), when Rio pulled a muscle in his back and we couldn't go. But FINALLY it's my chance! I'm a little nervous being so unfit, but Candy (the horse I'm going to ride) is a complete saint, so I think it will be okay. Plus, who can resist a long weekend away from this never-ending winter?

-I can't remember if I mentioned this earlier, but I had finally gotten my car out after it being put away for the winter. And when I parked it back in the carport... it got stuck. Like really stuck. I tried digging it out. I tried shoving more stones under the tires... Nothing worked. Finally I had to have it pulled out by a coworker.
And now I need to get that worked on... The joys of home ownership!

-Not much is new with the four legged children. I shall now post many gratuitous photos of them being both cute and lazy:

That's what's up this Wednesday! What's up with you?


  1. lovely post! :)

    love your blog!!!

    if you want to follow each other follow me & I'll follow you back!

    1. Thank you so much!
      I love your blog too! I just added you to my reading list :)
      Those purple sneakers are amazing!

  2. adorable dogs!!! :D
    i can't wait for the weather to warm up here as well so I can start running outdoors!! :D

    Have a Great Day!
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