Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thursday's Threads: Hipster Edition

Arg. The snow has, once more, messed up my outfit plans. But I think I made a decent last minute decision. Given my dark mood from all this miserable weather, I went for the hipster look today.

Nothing says thunder thighs like a pair of plaid skinny jeans. No bother though, I'm owning my chunk curves. One needs insulation in this tundra!
This outfit is full of great deals too! I'll tell you all about it....

Top: Max Studio
$12.00 Marshalls Clearance
This linen top, I'm ashamed to admit, was buried in my closet. I just discovered it recently with its tags still on! I like the open weave and the fit. It's longer in the back than in the front, which I appreciate.
Pants: Rue 21
I LOVE the olive color of these pants. And the plaid is super fun. I almost didn't get them because, well, like I said earlier, nothing says thunder thighs like plaid skinny pants. But for $3.20 I couldn't really pass them up. I'm glad I didn't. I think they're fun, and they fit great too.

Belt: Unknown Brand
Ebay: 19.95
I've had this one for a few years. I love crocodile-look leather and things that are shiny. All of my favorite things! Plus it's green. Had to have it. BB Simon sells similar belts for hundreds of dollars. So $19.95 was a steal!

Arm Party:
The bracelet is one I strung together a few weeks ago. It's matches perfectly with these crazy pants! And you'll all recognize my trusty watch.

The first three are leather bangles with gold bars. I actually got them from Julep awhile back. I thought there were more of them, but I could only find 3 this morning. Next is a friendship bracelet from Shashi. I LOVE their bracelets, but they are pretty expensive. This one came from so it wasn't too pricey. Last is a bracelet from Nakamol, which I got for a few dollars when Little Black Bag closed up shop.

Boots: Passions
Seriously, who names these brands? These boots have those studs on the back too, arranged in a star shape. Super cute, but since you can't see it with my pants over them, I didn't bother taking a photo. They are faux leather which is perfect for the conditions outside today. Every time I think about getting rid of my non-leather shoes, we get more snow to remind me that they do in fact serve a useful purpose.

I also added a scarf, just for while I'm outside today. One of my friends made this for me as a thank you for putting her up for a few nights during a horse show.
It's chunky and warm and wonderful! Such a great gift!

What are you wearing today? Still snowing where you are too? No? Well come take some of mine!


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    1. Thanks! Aren't they a little crazy?! Love them!
      I hope you have a great week too!