Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

Thought I'd try out a new weekly post. Since I've been so terrible about weekend recaps, I figured maybe on Wednesday I can fill you in on what I've been up to. I'd love to hear what you've  been up to also! Let me know in the comments!

 -It's still winter. Today though, it's finally above freezing. So instead of snow, we have rain. It snowed last night first. Then rain. We have a slushy mess everywhere. Hoping really hard that all my roofs can hold up to the weight. (On a side note, shouldn't roofs be rooves? It's not, roofs is correct. But it feels so wrong.) More snow tonight, 2-4 inches they say. I'm pretty sure it will be winter forever.

-I've been trying hard to get back into a routine with my running. Last week was semi successful as the schedule only allowed me to run Mon, Fri and Sun. Still three days so that's not bad, but I like to space it out more evenly. This week I was planning to run last night, but was feeling under the weather and had heavy snow to shovel, so tonight's the night!
I think the running is going pretty well considering my lack of fitness. I am using intervals to ease back into things. For my 3 miler on Friday, I ran 1 mile, then walked for 1 minute. Then I ran to the next full mile (which I guess was about .9 ish of a mile) and walked another minute. It took me just over 30 minutes, which equates to around a 10 minute mile. Not too bad! For Sunday's 5 miler, I attempted the same run 1 mile/walk 1 minute spacing, but I could only keep it up for the first two. Then I shortened my runs to half a mile with 1 minute of walking in between. It worked well and I was able to finish up feeling strong. 55 minutes and 30 seconds was my time. Again,. not terrible for being out of shape and having to walk! Hopefully with some consistency I can get back to my "normal" 9:30 miles. Just need to keep working at it! (If anyone sees my motivation and desire to run faster, please send it back to me.)

-The horses have had all their spring maintenance already (shots and dentist appointments) so hopefully that means spring is coming! They got new shoes on Saturday too. Rio was well enough this year to get his teeth done and get a rabies vaccination, so that's a big deal! We're going to try for the other set of shots next month. With his illness, his immunity is low so the vaccinations can be both really important and really dangerous. So far so good though! That Rio is a fighter!
I think the boys are just as tired of the snow and misery as us humans are. After it snowed (again) this weekend, the looks they gave me when I put them out screamed "NO MORE SNOW! BRING US BACK IN NOW!"

-I can't remember if I blogged about my custom half chap debacle? I'm sure I must have as I was super frustrated with the whole situation. Just to recap, in August of 2013 I ordered some custom  half chaps for everyday riding. They generally take about 3 months to arrive. These took four. And when they came, they were made entirely to someone else's measurements. Someone very tall and very thin. (So definitely not me! I'm short and stubby.) I sent them back, and 2 months later received another pair that was still too tall and too skinny. I sent them back again. This time I got too tall and too big. And then I wasn't able to get in touch with the company. Phone's off, Facebook page removed. I contacted the attorney general's office to try and get my money back at least (these were super expensive, almost $600). LONG story short, I got remeasured at Equine Affair in November, and last Friday they arrived! They fit perfectly and are gorgeous. I'm not sure it was worth the wait and aggravation, but I'm glad it's finally over and worked out. Hopefully I'll get to ride in them someday!

-Almost all of Jamp's year end prizes have arrived! I have one last banquet to attend this weekend and then the collection will be complete. I'll have to get a photo of all his year end spoils together. What a good pony!

-I've started following some ladies on Instagram who find the most amazing things at Norstrom Rack for $0.01. I am dying to visit my rack and attempt this myself, but the closest one is about an hour away and as you know, it snows every weekend, so I haven't had a chance to try. BUT, I did find some cute Betsy Johnson sunnies at Marshalls the other day for $0.70. Yep! That's right, under a dollar, and they're not even broken! I had to tighten the screws a tiny bit, but they're perfect. Not even scratched up! (How do you like that Grandma Wallpaper in my bathroom?! I'm hoping to get that down soon and paint it a nice egg shell hue instead. I've also been saying that since I bought the house... in 2008.)

So that's what I've been up to. What's up with you this Wednesday? Any good bargain finds? Spring weather where you are? Anything you want to talk about?


  1. Does 10 inches of snow count as spring weather? Cause that's what falling over here in Indiana!

    Alyssa The Runner

    1. Ugh! I think this year it does :( We're getting snow today too, but fortunately (?!) only about inches. I'm hoping so hard this is it for the year!