Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

Here's What's Up this Wednesday:

 -It's almost too great to be true... but it's actually been above freezing here! It's supposed to get into the 50's today! Holy cow! I can't believe it... spring may actually show up after all!

-The horses REALLY need to get back to work. But our riding arena still looks like this:
Believe it or not, there has been significant melting. I'd say it's down about 4 inches. Hopefully the rest goes quickly! I NEED TO RIDE!

-Girl Scout Cookies are not helping my chubbiness. However, I grabbed this from Jennifer at Runs With Pugs:
This speaks so true to me. I want to be healthy, but I am not the kind of girl that can give up eating things that are delicious or spend every free second of my time working out. So while I try to eat healthy foods more than the unhealthy ones, and I attempt to get my runs in, I also want to remember that it's ok if I'm not the size 2 I once was.

-You already know I skipped my long run last weekend. BUT I did get it done last night! Slow and steady for sure. But miles are miles whether they're fast or slow. I used intervals for this long run. Run half a mile, walk for .05. It went great and averaged out to slow 11:30 miles. I think I could have run a bit faster during the run portions, but I wanted to feel strong for this long run. As they get longer, I want to feel good about them and finish injury free. The shorter runs are where I can work on speed and shortening the walk breaks. Hopefully tomorrow night will be a fast (for me) three miler!

-Saturday night I attended my final banquet for the 2014 show season. (They sure do drag these things out... when I was a kid they all happened in January!) I took my mom as my date and collected Jampy's final prize for 2014.

Here's a photo of all the 2014 year end loot:
Not too shabby! I need to do some ribbon re-organizing one of these days. They're all hanging in no particular order all around the dining room. I find chaos uncomfortable... must fix that soon.

-I've noticed once again, via an awards photo of course, that angles really do matter. Here are the photos I took of my dress before the banquet on Saturday:

I swear, I'm not sucking anything in! Bottom photo maybe a little since I'm stretching up to fit in the frame. But basically, this is what I think I look like.
But THIS is what I looked like getting my prize:
Oh hello extra 40 lbs. Where did you come from?! Sheesh.

-The puggers and I took some selfies this weekend too. I had my hair done, so why not right?! Most of them were fails...
But this one is cute:
So are these:

-I was supposed to go ride a friend's horse Sunday, but she was feeling under the weather so we postponed. Since I found some free time, I took myself out to lunch. I'm still in mourning over the closing of my favorite breakfast spot, but lunch at Simon's Marketplace is helping me through the process. I went for the most delicious veggie, avocado, and cheese sandwich ever (on fresh made sourdough bread):

So delicious, AND mostly good for me too. <pats self on back> Simon's is a great little place. It's a gourmet deli, but it's also a gift shop. Things for sale are all over the store, even surrounding the tables. It's such a cute place! And the food is amazing!

If you're ever in Chester, CT definitely check it out.

So that's what's up with me. What's up with YOU? Let me know in the comments!

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