Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thusday's Threads

Welcome to mud season everyone! Now that the temps are above freezing (for now... winter is coming back next week, waahhhhh) the snow and ice are melting. Yay! Which leaves lots of mud everywhere (boooo). Thus, still no fancy shoe wearing for me. Double BOOO! Thankfully I have cute synthetic shoes for mud season!
Here's what I'm wearing today:

It's hard to see in the photo, but I went with shiny everything today!

Top: Halogen
This has a fairly open weave with stripes of metallic blue thread. I love the electric blue color, but I do wish it was a little longer. (Note to self: do no put this in the dryer!) Found it at Nordstrom Rack for 9.95 though, so if it's a little short... that's ok!

Pants: Modcloth
I think I've shown these to you all before. My shiny gold pants! I love that the gold is fairly subtle on these.

Boots: Two Lips Too

I know you've seen these before. They're synthetic leather. But very soft and comfy. They get a lot of use!

Purse: Charmes

You can't wear a shiny blue top without a matching shiny blue bag can you? I think not. I discovered this brand on Zulilly awhile back and then recently discovered that they have an ebay store. Real leather bags for under $50! Yes really! I got the matching wallet too. Obviously. You should check them out here.

I kind of miss my old light colored desk. It took much better arm party photos... Sorry for the terrible photo! Anyway, first is a bangle from Fornash. They had a big sale after the holidays and I stocked up. Next is a gold toned stretch bracelet with iridescent stones. I found it at my favorite bead store for 1.99. Win! And you recognize my trusty watch of course.

I'm trying SO HARD to think summer, so I donned my lobster bangle today. This one is also from Fornash. Next to it is a lapis bracelet I made a few months ago.

That's what I'm wearing today. What are you wearing?

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