Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What's Up Wednesday!

Happy April Fool's Day friends! No tricks here, just your usual What's Up Wednesday post. The weather is pretending to be turning toward Spring... Hopefully that's not an April Fool either! BRING ON SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here's what's been up with me:

-I went to Florida as you know, for a long weekend. It was glorious!

  -Thursday: Thursday was a travel and relax sort of day. I arrived in Palm Beach around 12:30 and was home by 1. It was pretty warm out (the warmest day of my trip in fact!) so I wasn't interested in going for a run. I was hoping maybe for evening time. But then it stormed. So that didn't happen. Which I already told you yesterday. Instead I did a little shopping, had some dinner, and of course stopped for frozen yogurt.

  -Friday: Friday I planned to be at my trainer's farm for 9 am. It's about a half hour drive from my house and thankfully I hit no traffic. I rode my horse for the weekend, Candy 521, and then we stopped for lunch before heading over to the horse show. We had to do entries, and I wanted to get learn my way around before showing on Saturday. I got back to the house in time to meet up with my dad and step mom (who had just arrived) for some dinner. And then early to bed because Saturday was an early show day!

  -Saturday: Show Day! I was super nervous/excited to show Saturday. I hadn't jumped a horse over a fence since... oh... December. (The last time I was in FL.) Nothing like feeling prepared. The jumps weren't super big, about 3'3" so that was reassuring at least. Here's a photo of one of the jumps:

My class started at 8, and I went 15th, which was perfect. I did the course walk, then watched a few go, and got right on. We schooled really well, and I felt about as ready as possible. The class went pretty well, though in the jump off, Candy was a wee bit excited! We wound up having a rail down, because I let her get too fast and too close to the jump. But otherwise, all things considered, it went great! The one rail put us out of the ribbons (there were 40 riders in my class!) but that was okay with me. Can't win them all!
After showing, we trailered Candy back to my trainer's farm. My class the next day was late enough to bring her back to the show in the morning. We figured she'd be happier sleeping in her own bed and having some free time outside in the morning before showing. Once Candy was settled, I stopped back at the show to do some shopping. It's been several years since I've shown a jumper, and my white breeches no longer looked so acceptable... (Ok fine, I've gotten too chubby for them!) I found a new pair, and also finally found a new pair of tall boots to show in. Ouch. Those broke the bank.
I went back home to shower and change and collect my parents, because we were going BACK to the show to watch the Grand Prix that evening. This was the last one of the season and offered $500,000.00 in prize money. Which meant all the big riders were there. The same people you would see at the Olympics.

The jumps were huge, and so was the crowd! It was tough to find seats! It wound up being an exciting class. My dad and step mom really enjoyed seeing this top level of competition in person. (Me too!) We got home late and it was straight to bed for me!
  -Sunday: Classic Day! The jumper classic is usually the last class of the section, and offers the most prize money. You have to wear certain attire for these classes (hence my needing white breeches) and usually the courses are a little harder and a little bigger. As I watched everyone go, it seemed maybe this course wasn't actually much harder than the day before. It was going much more smoothly than the day before, and nearly everyone was getting to the second round. Unfortunately for me, I had a rail down in the first round so no jump off for me. I was disappointed, but only a little. I really had a much better ride than the day before, and also was careful to remember that I haven't been practicing AT ALL! Nice work just staying on really. Seriously!
Below are some photos of Candy 521 and I from the classic. I'm not really supposed to post these from the internet, but I did buy all three of them. They just have not arrived yet, and I can't wait to share!

It was close to dinner time when I got back to the house, so we went out for some delicious barbeque. And that was pretty much it.

-Monday: Travel day. I did a little work before my flight home. The trip back was smooth and uneventful. I was a little worried, as it had been snowing all morning here in CT, and I had left my rear wheel drive car at the airport... NOT my sturdy 4 wheel drive truck! Thankfully it was actually pretty warm when I got back and it had stopped precipitating. And lots of melting had happened while I was gone! (Despite two snowstorms that happened while I was away! Seriously. TWO!)

Looks to me like the boys will be going back to work! Last night it was in the 30's and raining when I got home from work. But today is looking promising for a little pony time!
While I was away, some kind person (no one has fessed up to it!) fixed my mailbox for me! Thank you, whomever it was!
And the best part about Monday? Reuniting with my short kids (also the tall ones, but I don't have a cute photo of them for you.)
Grandma's house really wipes them out.

Yesterday and today have been full of work, work, and more work. What's up with you this Wednesday?!

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