Monday, April 13, 2015


I recently saw a post on Facebook asking about Stridebox, and since my April box just recently arrived, I figured I'd give it a share on here! Without further ado... I give you April Stridebox:

First Look:
 Stridebox puts the "Stride Guide" right on top! This month they used customer photos for the front side, those are my sneakers up there at the top in the middle!

Second Look:
They always seal the paper with festive stickers. I love this Spring has SpRUNg pun.

 Movit Gummies in Citrus and Berry. I haven't tried these just yet, but I'm a big fan of gummies. They will definitely go to good use while I'm training for my upcoming half! (Outrun 38 Half Marathon, if you're local, you should definitely consider attending!)

Zing Nutrition Bar
 Stridebox does a fantastic job of introducing me to new brands of natural fuel. This one is a a double nut brownie flavor and I can't wait to give it a go. Pretty much anything chocolate is a-ok with me!

Vega Sport Gel in orange zest
I usually prefer the non fruit flavors when it comes to gels (chocolate mint, coffee, peanut butter) but I'm willing to try new things!

Ultima Replenisher in Orange
A runner can never have too many electrolyte mixes on hand! I'm always looking for one to love, as generally, sports drinks don't REALLY do it for me... I just don't really like the taste of them. But when I'm depleted after a long run, they make me feel so much better. Even if I don't love the taste. So maybe this one will be delicious!

Squeaky Cheeks Powder
 Those of us who don't have thigh-gap appreciate these sorts of things... Anti chafe powder is a useful item! I love the brand name on this too...

Arctic Ease Instant Cold Wrap
 I've actually used this before. Several years ago I took a digger during the 5K that takes place the day before the Boston Marathon. While at the expo afterward, I stumbled (kind of literally) upon this company's booth and they wrapped my swollen knee up for me. I'm excited to have a new one of these for the next time I trip over my own feet!

Spenco Gel Heel Cushions
 I was actually excited to see these in here, but not for running oddly enough. I literally just ordered a pair of heel lifts for my new riding boots. They are a little tall, so the heel lifts will help them fit better until they break-in. I think once the boots are more broken in, these will be great to use. I'm not sure if I'd like them for running, I've never had heel discomfort. But I may try them and see. Why not?

Stridebox always includes a cute sticker in the box too. I like the message on this one! Support your local races!

Another great box! I like that Stridebox offers different types of fuels to try. Since I've mostly been running short, I haven't used a lot of gels but I like a good bar before heading out the door. Even for a short run. I also like that when I get back to running long, thanks to Stridebox, I don't have to plan a trip to the running store just to get gels. I have some ready to go! If you're interested in trying Stridebox, click here to learn more!

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