Thursday, April 9, 2015

Blueberry Cove March Box

Blueberry Cove Beads is a subscription box for jewelry makers. I was SO EXCITED when I discovered such a thing existed. I was even more excited when they offered me my first box free in exchange for an honest review. When that box arrived, I loved it so much I had to buy a subscription. They do an incredible job of curating each month. So far, the themes have been adorable. I can't believe what a great job they do picking items to go along with each month's theme.

I received my March Blueberry Cove Bead Box awhile ago already, but I didn't have the time to make anything with it so I was waiting to post. Well, I still haven't really found the time, but I did put together my challenge piece at least. This months theme was Caribbean. So without further ado, let's go see the box!

Blue and green plastic beads
 These remind me so much of the little bubbles you see come from fish in cartoons. You know what I'm thinking of? So cute. I love the colors too. Very much goes with the Caribbean theme!

Wooden spacer beads:
 Wooden beads always make me think of the islands. You know all that native made jewelry they sell in shops down there? Totally spot on!

Shell spacer beads:
 You can't think of beaches and islands without thinking of shell! These are super thin, and I think would be best used as a clasp so you can see the beauty of them.

Polymer Flowers:
 These are so fun and islandy! I think I want to make them into rings... How cute would that be?!

 I'm not sure what these are made of, but I think they're SO CUTE! They remind me a little of summers as a kid, so I guess that makes them a little 80's-tastic? But I love them. I'm almost thinking headband for them? We shall see.

 I think these guys are wooden. They're adorable! I think I want to use them for clasps on a wrap bracelet.

Brass sea shell charms
 These definitely need to go on a charm bracelet with the fishies below.

More fish!
 The challenge this month was to make a piece incorporating these guys. I thought it would be easy! I had so many ideas! And so little time... Sigh. But there are plenty of them so when I do have time, I should be able to create away with them!

Mermaid Charms
 These are great! They totally remind me of the bow of a pirate ship... Is that weird? I think they're awesome, but I haven't decided yet what to do with them.

Sea Horse Charms
 Obviously I love these! It's the aquatic version of one of my favorite animals! So cute. I kind of wish they were gold to match the sea shells, but at the same time, I do enjoy mixing metals anyway. I had actually hoped I could use them as part of the clasp with the item below, but the little tail hole wasn't big enough. I might add a jump ring and do it that way though.

Fish Clasp
 I think these are AWESOME! So much more fun that your run-of-the-mill lobster clasp. (Which sadly are rarely shaped like actual lobsters... just their claw.)

Stringing material!
I had put in their suggestion area that some stringing materials would be a great addition. Sometimes you just want to rip open your box and get to work without having to collect other items to make your project! Well Blueberry Cove must have read my request as here it is! This photo does no justice, but it's a gorgeous aqua color hemp. I used it in my challenge piece!

Speaking of... Here is my challenge piece this month:

 Admittedly, it's a little weak. Especially compared to some of the others I saw on the Blueberry Cove Facebook page. But I think it's cute and definitely wearable. I braided double strands of the hemp together and glued the fishies on. I used one of the bubble beads for a clasp. I love it, and am happy I was able to mostly use only what came in the box (plus some scissors and glue) to put it together.

What do you think of the Blueberry Cove box? If you're interested in subscribing, click here to check it out!

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