Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

Another dreary day here in New England... But you know what they say: April Showers bring May Flowers! Hopefully that's true... Though I'm not sure how tonight's ice storm will play into that. This was a busy (but light on photos) type of week! With the start of spring, comes adjusting to a new, busier schedule AND holidays. Lots of holidays. Here's What's up this Wednesday!

-Working ponies!

FINALLY the equine are starting back to work. This is definitely the latest I've ever gotten started with them, and it's been terribly inconsistent to say the least. These photos are from last Wednesday. Thursday P had a vet appointment after work, which didn't leave me time to work the ponies afterward. Friday was the first Seder for Passover, so another day off. Saturday was full of 40-50 mph winds. Not conducive to working wild ponies! Sunday=Easter. Monday though, I got to RIDE! It was glorious. I rode Jampy first and he was quite well behaved. And also horribly unfit. Eh, join the club Jampy, join the club... Then I hopped on the Duck. He was a little too unruly to do much, but we did succeed in starting and stopping without argument. Huge improvement over last year!

-As earlier mentioned, Friday was the first night of Passover. I enjoyed a lovely Seder with my family and stuffed myself accordingly. Us Jews really know how to celebrate a holiday! And eat. Oh can we eat. Sorry for the lack of photos. I meant to take one of the Seder Plate, but I forgot.

-Saturday I ran a bunch of errands and did barn chores. Since it was too windy to ride, I spent some time prettying up the ponies and getting them ready for spring!

-Saturday evening was a quiet one. I SHOULD have gotten a run in, but instead I took some time to do some bracelet making. It's been a little while since I've made anything, and I was DYING to work with my March Blueberry Cove items. (I'll do a review on that a little later!) Unfortunately, I had beaders block when it came to that, so I made a quick piece up for their challenge and then focused on some leather bracelets instead.

I enjoy making these leather bracelets because they're quick to do (other than drying time) and I LOVE the way they look!  But I also feel minimally creative. I mean can I honestly say I MADE these bracelets? I feel it's more accurate to say I assembled them. But either way, I'm happy with the results and can't wait to feature some of them on Thursday's Threads.

-Sunday I took care of the horses in the morning, and then headed to my step grandma's house for Easter dinner. My step mom did an amazing job of making a passover friendly meal. Everything was delicious and I ate myself into a decent food coma. These holidays are killing me! I love eating, but it's really starting to show. And that my friends is why I need to get back in my running shoes!

-Speaking of running shoes... I just can't seem to drag myself out of bed and go running. Just. Can't. Do. It. I know, I know. Don't say can't. Just do it! (Thanks Nike.) I feel the same way. It's a real struggle internally for me! So yesterday I did manage to kick myself in the pants and get on the treadmill (it was pouring outside). Unfortunately, by the time said kicking occurred, I only could fit in a mile and a quarter. Better than nothing though right? RIGHT? Kinda. I then planned to do more miles in the evening since it was too rainy and cold for riding. But alas, errands took too long, and I wound up hanging with the pups instead. Overslept again this morning. I'm honestly disgusted with myself. I mean, how hard is it to GET OUT OF BED?! Apparently very. I miss my running club. Knowing the girls were waiting for me definitely helped get me out on the road. Let's go self! Get those miles logged!

So that's what's up this Wednesday. What's up with you? Anything fun and exciting happen this past week? How are the workouts going?

I shall leave you with that awkward moment when my breakfast matched my phone case:


  1. It is SO hard to get out of bed. I feel you! I dragged myself out for 4 tuesday morning and it was ROUGH! I could say we could do "virtual" running dates- aka wake eachother up and get out of bed- but the time difference makes that difficult! Call Vanessa up and schedule some runs :)

    Katie @

    1. Ha! Yes I don't think you'd really appreciate a 4 am wake up call ;)
      Yes, Vanessa and I do plan to get back to it! We had to wait for the sun to decide to come up earlier and the ice to melt, but I think it's good now!