Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thursday's Threads

Outfit Day!!! My favorite day! Well, you know... other than Saturday of course. I have lots to share today as the boys wanted to be included in outfit day this week. I also got up and went for a run so I have a running outfit to share too. We'll go in order and start with the horsing clothes.

 I  based my outfit around my horses' saddle pads this week. True story.

Helmet: Charles Owen
Greenie here is definitely still my favorite. It's not as breathable as the One K, but it's GREEN! With gold and brown! Perfect.

Top: Rue 21
This t-shirt is super old. I think it's a cute tee for riding with the apples all over it.

Belt: C4
Probably a solid color belt might have been better than having pattern on pattern here... But I think it's working anyway.

Breeches: Tuffrider
I think you've seen these before? Might have been the black ones. I saw them on Tack of the Day awhile back for under $40, and they're definitely worth that. I like the technical fabric and the grippy knee patches a lot. The silver zippers on the pockets are cute too.

Boots: La Mundial
I'm very slowly but surely getting these broken in. They don't fit with some of my breeches that have a lot of fabric at the bottom, so I don't wear them as much as I probably should. I guess they'll last longer though, right?

Spurs: Centaur and Color Tack
Straps: Mane Jane
So I just discovered that Mane Jane has brass buckles available now AND golden crowns! So I may be replacing these straps pretty soon. But I still can't get over how perfectly they match the boots.

The boys wanted to play matchy-matchy too this week. Here's what Jampy wore:
What a handsome guy. Please excuse the hay belly.

Saddle pad: Lettia baby pad
I love foxes. Gimme all the foxes! What I love about Lettia, is they make most things in both a baby pad AND a regular pad. Rio wears regular pads these days since he's losing muscle along his topline. But I generally prefer baby pads. So it's nice to be able to get for both horses and still match.

Boots: Clarendon
I love how these boots look. But I don't like how they work. You have to pull the elastic across both the front of the leg AND the back. I don't like that. So I think these may be going to Used Horse Stuff the next time I send a bag. I'm thinking I may order the next size up, so I don't have to tighten across the back to get the hooks to reach. Or maybe I'll just not get these again. So pretty though!

And here's Rio's outfit:
It was dark out so we had to take his photo indoors.

Saddle Pad: Lettia
The saddle pad is a bit cuter than the baby pad with it's fancy trim and foxes all over. Rio liked it very much.

Boots: Pelham Ascot
Oldies but goodies! I've had these awhile and you've seen them before. I definitely prefer this type of closure to the pair Jampy wore.

Rio also got some new tack that we tried out last night.
Bridle: Royal Sports (I think a lot of us bloggers fell victim to the 60% off sale!)
Bit: Sweet Billy'sBits

That's all the horsing clothes, let's see what I wore running this morning!

NEON! It's important to be visible during the morning commute. And also, I was born in the 80's so I love neon.

Tank: Puma
This tank is kind of mesh, but not really. So it's minimally see-through. I like that it's not totally see through, but I especially like how breathable it is. I get ridiculously hot when I run, so it's nice to have a little ventilation.

Tights: Fabletics
I've pretty much stopped running in shorts and run exclusively in different length tights. They don't ride up, and you don't chafe. Win-win! And how crazy is this pair?!

Sneakers: Mizuno Wave Sayonara
I probably don't have to reiterate how these are my dream shoes. You already know that.

And now on to today's work outfit!
I wish I could take that Pug accessory to work with me...

Top: Devoted
I picked this top up in one of Zulily's blowout sales. It's kind of gauzy and so comfy! It's pretty sheer which kind of makes me question its appropriateness for work, but I wore a cami underneath, so I think it's fine.

Belt: Ariat
This was a Tack of the Day find awhile back. It matches some awesome brown croc boots I have that you all haven't seen yet. I love the spur buckle! Plus, it reverses to a plain belt, so you could use it to show as well.

Pants: Paige
You guys have seen these before. I also have them in black and white. They are my most favorite pants EVER! I mean, they have horses on them, and yet somehow don't seem like they should be on a six year old. Magic pants.

Shoes: NYLA
I feel like Katharine Page sandals would totally make this outfit. But I also will never drop $300 on sandals. So this pair of $20.00 real leather sandals are doing a fine job! I've had these for several years now, and they are holding up great.

Arm Party!
Lefty is donning my most treasured Gucci bit bracelet, along with my rein bracelet from Swanky Saddle, and my trusty apple watch.

Righty is wearing a stack of Stacie Originals. I love the horse head clasps I found and I'm really glad I decided to make matching wrap bracelets. I have a cuff I need to assemble too, so the stack will be growing eventually!

And that's the end of this week's Thursday's Threads! Any favorites from today? What are you wearing?


  1. Wow so much green!! I didn't know there were that many different brands of green horse boots. ;-)

    1. It used to be easier to find before fun colors were cool to put on horses.

  2. You love green like I love teal, and I LOVE it 😀