Thursday, August 3, 2017

Thursday's Threads

Outfit DAY! I have three outfits to share today, even though I didn't actually get to ride last night. I was super confident I would beat the storms, at least for one horse. So I got changed really fast. But not fast enough. Bummer! Let's start there with my non-riding riding outfit:

It's too bad I didn't ride because the horses had matching outfits set to go too. Maybe another week!

Shirt: Ralph Lauren for Beval
Real talk: This shirt is too small for me. I thought I grabbed a different one when I was organizing my riding stuff. THIS is why it's important to clean out your closets on the regular. It's unfortunate that I don't actually fit into this anymore though because I like this one. It's a nice shade of chocolate, and the Beval on the sleeve is kind of cute. You know, if you're into branding.

Belt: Ralph Lauren
I found this one on Ebay. It's interesting in that the ribbon part with the horse heads is only on a small section of the belt. The rest is plain brown strap. But I like it. The horse shoe next to the buckle is a nice touch too.

Breeches: Tailored Sportsman
These aren't stained I swear. That was from the rain when I was closing up the barn doors. I'm too cheap to really buy many pairs of TS, but they're still my favorites. I will admit though, it may be time to size up... Or maybe I should cut back on the potato chips. Probably not happening though. (More real talk.)

Boots: Horka
I really should wear these more often. I like them a lot. They're soft and comfy, but not so soft that they fall down or bunch up. And I love that they're really tall.

I'm just going to keep going in the order that I actually wore stuff. So next up is my running outfit from this morning. I got 3 miles in with my friend/neighbor, and we were even a bit faster than last week. Just a bit. We're still slow like turtles. Anyway, here's what I wore:
Do you like my semi open dresser in the background? I moved it awhile back and it's totally not balanced where it is now. I'm seriously the worst when it comes to making my house nice.

Tank: Kyodan
I really like this brand. It has a decent amount of stretch without making you feel like you're stuffed in a sausage casing. But not so much stretch that it doesn't hold it's shape. Good stuff!

Tights: Kyodan
Obviously, the tank goes with the tights. These horizontal stripes do nothing to flatter, but I do love the colors!

Sneakers: Mizuno Wave Sayonara

My favorites! Zulily has these on their site every so often, and I almost always grab a pair if they're $60 or less. Cause they're seriously the best running shoes for my feet.

So after my slow as molasses 3 miles this morning, it was time to get ready for work. It's supposed to be pretty warm and muggy again here, so I needed something not too warm, but also something warm enough for my freezing cold office. I went with this:

Simple, yet summery. Plus I could easily (and have already) throw a fleece jacket over while at my desk.

Top: The Loft
This cute little tee is MANY years old. It still fits since it's flowy, and I really like that it's plain so I can pair it with many of my crazy pants.

Belt: Tory Burch
I picked this one up at the Tory Burch outlet in Florida a couple of years ago. They have a really incredible sale right after Christmas, and this was a great deal!

Crazy pants: Cabi
You've seen me mention Cabi before. Cabi sells through independent sellers just like Pampered Chef's selling model. So you can host a party, invite all your friends, and a representative will come to your home to show you the items. It's fun,  you get together with the girls, try on clothes, drink wine. Good times! BUT, the clothes are stupid expensive. I have a friend that sells Cabi, so every so often I'll splurge to support her. I was really surprised to see Cabi featured on Zulily recently. And the prices were more in my normal (cheapskate) range. And that's how I got these pants. They're cropped and have this fun leaf pattern on them. Definitely a great find!

Shoes: Vince Camuto
Ew, seriously, I need to something about these feet. Sorry guys. Fortunately, these sandals are SO CUTE they almost distract from my poor, hideous, non-pedicured feet. Almost.

Arm Party!
Lest you fear that I had NOTHING horsey on today, Lefty is here to soothe your concerns. First up is a horse shoe nail bracelet from Swanky Saddle. I stacked it with a couple mantra bracelets that are tough to read in the photo. The first is #backyardbarn from KJ's Creations and the second is Hakuna Matata that I got from Zulily.

Righty is pretending we're fancy today. First up is my Hermes leather wrap bracelet that my dad and step mom got for me. I love that thing. So soft. So pretty. And the other is less authentic... But it's an H bracelet in the exact same shade as my leather wrap. I love them together.

And that's what I'm wearing today! What about you? Any favorites from today? What are your favorite breeches and/or tall boots?


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