Thursday, August 10, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

Things have been pretty status quo around here, so there's not a whole lot up this Wednesday. We did some pampering on Friday since it was pouring buckets outside.

Rio got his mane done too, but somehow I didn't get a photo. Saturday morning was still rainy, but that was fine because I had to bring my car in. Again. Ugh. This one's gonna be expensive. But hopefully she'll be patched up and running great for the next ten years! Haha. Sure. Anyway...
Sunday I had some crazy burst of motivation. I got up and ran 3 miles. I know! Crazy. Running is the worst, but I had some nice scenery at least. There must have been a classic car show near by as a ton of gorgeous classic cars drove by me.
I also saw an enormous deer and lots of bugs. Post run, I hopped in the shower and headed downtown for the farmers market. Also got myself a well deserved egg sandwich. I enjoyed at the barn before riding everyone.
After fueling up, I dragged the ring which was long overdue. LONG. OVER. DUE. I think next spring I need to get someone to come in and re-grade the whole thing. But it was much improved after dragging. Which was great, because Sunday was the day I put the jumps up a little for Jampy. They ranged from 2'3" to 3'3" cause I don't like to get off too many times to adjust fances! #lazy
He was great, and the increase in height was no issue for him.

Rio probably wasn't that happy with me Sunday though. I made him wear a bit because steering has been non existent with the side pull lately. Be looks so handsome in a real bridle.
Though maybe not from that angle... This is his skinny face side. You can see where there's nothing but skin and bones on his cheek. He doesn't usually let me take photos of that side. I think he's handsome with or without face muscles.
Romey and I have agreed that riding is just walking these days. More about him next week.
After all the ponying, I took the puggers for a walk cause I promised. They love walks, and I'm really not such a good mom in that department.
They aren't super fit though, so immediately after our walk they looked like this:

So tired. Need naps. I figured I'd let them cool off in the A/C while I stopped by the lake for my weekly lobster roll. The band this week was a jazz band made up of five adorable elderly men. They only played for an hour so were pretty much done by the time I got there. Technically the bands are supposed to play 6-8, so that was a pretty short concert. After lobster rolling, I got really crazy and stopped at Ben & Jerry's for some Tonight Dough.
Such a good call.
Monday was raining again, so the ponies had themselves another day off. So spoiled. But we've been back at it Tuesday and today. Jampy jumped a few more jumps tonight. I didn't flat him long enough though. As a result, I had a crappy canter, and wound up doing a lot of pulling to the tight spot. Except for this one time when we had one of these:

Sometimes he runs away with me. It always comes out of nowhere and he anticipates my grabbing him in the face so after the initial scoot (when I always get left behind and do in fact grab him in the face) he throws his head up really high, then bounces away. So predictable that Jamp. It used to scare me, but now it's really just kind of funny. Unless we're showing. Then it's not funny at all. Well. Maybe a little. We finished up trotting through the combination a few times. He jumped pretty cute. No idea what I'm doing up there.
And that's about it from here.
What's up with you this Wednesday? Do anything exciting this past week/weekend?


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    1. It's pretty hilarious! I wanted to put the video on instagram but it was too far to the left of the frame, and I can't figure out how to uncenter video on there.

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    1. Mostly on Sundays. During the week I sit at a desk all day. (And PONY all night!)