Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Truthful Tuesday

You guys. Some things just aren't meant to be tamed. Like James Dean. Or Zebras. Or Deer.
You know what else refuses to be tamed? Jamp's mane.
Since he hasn't shown in forever, I will confess to being a little lazy in the mane control department. But this is getting out of hand. So on Friday when the sky was falling outside, I decided to take my free night and get these manes back in order.
But then, this was my view on Saturday:
One night! That's all I got out of half those training braids! So I braided it all back over again. And this was the next day:
In conclusion, certain things aren't meant to be tamed. Like Zebras, James Dean, Deer, and Jamp's mane.


  1. SAME. I braided Bobby's mane while waiting for the farrier Monday morning and by the time I came back for the vet THAT AFTERNOON he'd gotten them all out.

    1. I think they think it's a puzzle meant for solving.

  2. At least he has a mane. I had to give up and shave Levi's off and I wanted to cry.