Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

Another busy Wednesday makes for a very late post! Fortunately, there isn't a whole lot to report on from the last week, so this will be a quick update.
While it was a fairly uneventful week, it was kind of a big one in terms of decision making.

I had the vet out Friday to check on Romey and determine whether his behavior of late might be pain related. Doc seems to think it's not. However, he is just as unsound now as he was before we injected his SI. Thus, that didn't do anything. So I had the choice of doing lots more vet work to try and see if we could make him any better or not doing said vet work. I chose not. I asked doc if Romey could live comfortably in a field without any further treatment, and he said yes. So I'm going to be looking into finding a retirement home for him. It's hard on my wallet to think about paying board on him for the next very many years (he's only 8). But as my vet pointed out, if I pass him along as free to a good home, he'll likely eventually end up at an auction. I can't let that happen. I'm super disappointed that things haven't worked with him. But at the end of the day, he has a LOT of physical limitations: a previously broken leg, kissing spine, and tmj. Not to mention his personality... So that's where I am with Romes. Ugh. Good thing he's so handsome.

Because I've gotten so ridiculously lazy, I got Rio a new sidepull. I just wanted something with less buckles so I decided to try the Two Horse Tack model. I was worried with it being a synthetic material that Prince Rio might find it stiff and uncomfortable. But the edges are round and it's actually pretty soft. Rio seems to like it just fine. He's looking really good. He's put some weight back on and is generally very happy.

snuggles with my bestie
Jampy didn't do as much jumping this past week, but he's been working hard on the flat. We did get a quick school in on Sunday though.
Apparently I'm leaning up his neck and standing in my stirrups again. Oops. He's feeling pretty good though, so I think it's time to bump the jumps up a little. I'd really like to get to a few small shows this year, and maybe try to get qualified for and go to New England finals. But I can't even think about that yet since we're not even jumping 3' consistently yet. Hopefully soon.
I got to sit on this guy both days this weekend. He got his feet done, and he seems to be feeling a bit better. He headed off to Vermont on Monday. The current hope is to get him in the show ring the second week he's there. But we shall see. Trainer told me they're heading back to Florida SUPER early this year so I have to figure that out. My poor wallet doesn't like the idea of paying Florida board on Badger for two extra months. I'm also a little frustrated with the fact that I don't really get to ride him ever. So I may need to figure out some changes for him. I'll keep you guys posted!

The puggers are happy as can be though, with no big changes in their lives. They were super excited to go for a walk Sunday evening. I was somewhat less excited because holy bugs out there! But it's worth it to see them so happy. Dawwww... my kiddos <3

As for me, I was invited to go to a Polo match in Newport on Saturday. I've been kind of wanting to get out and do something different for awhile, and I jumped at the offer. I was worried it was going to be freezing cold there, but by some crazy chance the weather completely turned around. All morning it was pretty chilly (in the low 60's) and REALLY windy. But just a little before the start of the match the sky cleared, the sun came out, and the wind died down. It was perfect.
They have a tent theme contest for people tailgating. Our theme was My Little Pony, but I didn't know that in time to contribute anything more than my outfit. You know I could have My Little Ponified the hell out of that tent if I'd had the time... I wore this dress though:
So I feel I did the best I could. Plus we had a pinata so that's something.
We did not win. Regardless, it was crazy fun, and I definitely want to go again sometime!

After horsing and pugging around all day Sunday, I ended my weekend with a lobster roll at the lake listening to the band.

This week has been lots of flatting for Jampy and Rio, and less for Romey cause I just don't have the motivation to fight with him. I've pretty much just been getting on and walking him around. He seems to like that.
And that's what's up this Wednesday! What's up with you? Have you ever had to retire a horse really young?


  1. Tough situation for Romey :( hopefully you are able to get something figured out soon.

  2. I'm sorry about Romey. Shasta's pretty young to be retired too (she's only 12 now and been semi-retired for a year). We're lucky to know someone that we can trust to do her retirement board.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, 12 is really young too. And it's all very expensive! I had a lead on a great place, but it's about 100 more per month than I was told by my friend who recommended it. So I need to do some more research.