Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

I managed to ride almost every day last week! It's been busy, but so much fun. The horses have even kind of behaved... Kind of. Before I delve into the day by day recap, I have to blurt out my HUGE news. Well huge to me. Maybe not to anyone else. If you follow me in Instagram, you already know...
On Sunday, I RODE RIO!!!!!!!! 
Best view in the world. Haven't seen it in two years!
 It was glorious. 

Seriously. The best day of my life thus far. After nearly losing him almost two full years ago, (see this post, then this one, this one, and this one) I never thought I'd get to sit on him again. We didn't do much, just a few laps at the trot each direction. But we're going to do it again soon! And maybe one day we'll even canter. We'll see. He's not completely sound. But I'll have the vet see if it's just due to his handicaps, or if it's something we can help him with. He was just as excited as I was to ride together. Though he was probably more excited to eat grass afterwards. Either way, it was a great day for the both of us!

Ok, so backing up...  I rode Jamp and Romey pretty much everyday since last week's What's Up Wednesday. Right up until this week anyway. Monday I planned a day off for them all, because it was time and it was pouring all day. It stopped by the time I got home from work, but the ring was all puddles. I couldn't ride last night either because the wind was blowing at 25 mph and well... my horses don't really do that. 

I don't know what is happening inside Jamp's little brain, but he's so edgy lately! He's not wild. I've tried lunging him to get the cuckoo out, but there really isn't much there. Regardless, every ride he's ridiculously spooky. Scoots at everything! I was heading to some trot poles on Saturday when he scooted right in front of them!
See that big footprint at the bottom of the photo?! That's where he decided to run! Sometimes he makes terrible life choices. He then stopped in front of the trot poles and proceeded to bounce through them. What a child. Eventually he behaved himself through there. Eventually. It's a good thing he's so handsome. Sunday I was hoping to jump him, but he was completely ridiculous. I decided to compromise and just jump this tiny x:
Does that even qualify as a jump? I'm not really sure. Romey has been trotting over that single pole and the little raised one to the left of the x. Canter still needs work. Lots of work. And maybe my trainer. Can't wait until she and GTO come home! I have one more visit in the works before then though...
This was the first weekend the boys could head out and enjoy some after work grass. They were pretty happy about it!

The puggers got to go for a nice long walk on Sunday. Artie was so excited to go, he could hardly contain himself!

They crack me up these two. On the way out they're pulling me along so excited, but by the half way point they start meandering around smelling this and that. Totally making excuses to slow their pace and catch their breath. They don't understand about pacing themselves and not going out too fast too early! Beginners... haha!

I had a braiding job Friday night after riding, but I'm going to write a separate post on that. It was a challenge though! Here's a sneak peak:

Are you guys sitting down? I did something crazy the other night! I cooked dinner! Like real food. Veggies, rice, chicken. I used a Thai peanut sauce marinade and even crushed some peanuts for garnish (and extra deliciousness). It's so rare that I cook a real meal. I had to share!
And that's what's up this Wednesday! What's up with you? Have you been riding? Running? (Nope, not me.) Cooking? Tell me what's up with you in the comments!