Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! It was another crazy day, so I'm a little late getting to my post, but better late than never as I say pretty much every week lately.
I was finally starting to feel somewhat human again by the end of last week, and just in time! I had not one but TWO events to attend this past weekend. Thanks to my bout with the plague, I was feeling all kinds of skinny and couldn't wait to wear some cute dresses.

Friday evening I was invited to attend a book launch party for a local author who happens to also be an old friend. She was a big kid at the barn when I was a little! Such a small world. She hasn't written any horse stories yet, but I hope she will! The novel releasing last week, Nowhere Girl,  is her second, and she's getting rave reviews. I haven't read it yet, but I can't wait! You should definitely pick up a copy here. Susan's first book, Night Blindness was incredible, so I have high hopes for this one as well.
Bad Selfie with the Author and an Orb
The event was held at a local art gallery, which was a great venue! Sue was busy signing books, so it was nice for all of her guests to have art to browse. I'm not sure what it is exactly, but I always feel extra classy hanging around art galleries.
For this event, I wore a hunter green faux wrap dress by Leota, an old pair of Madden Girl kitten heels, and my favorite Gucci purse.

I was home relatively early, since I'm old and had a long day ahead. Though I hear the after gathering at the bar down the street was pretty epic. Maybe next time I can join in.
Saturday morning came early as my barn helper wasn't able to work this weekend. I was a little slow moving getting the chores done, and kept getting distracted by all the little things that haven't been done all winter. Which sadly did not leave me enough time to ride. What a waste of a nice day! But at least the ponies had extra turnout time. They probably prefer that anyway.
Saturday evening was the Connecticut Horse Shows Association Celebration of Champions. Jampy and I won our division, so I was excited to get all prettied up and collect our award. I wore a dress by Laundry for this event which was a little fancier than the book party. My shoes were Nine West and I used a different Gucci clutch for this evening.

I had a little trouble picking shoes...

The back on this is my favorite part!
The banquet was fun with delicious food. I wasn't all that excited by the award this year. I hate to be a whiner, but in years past champion prizes were director's chairs, jackets, other kinds of chairs... This year it was a monogrammed jacket bag. Meh.

sheesh, when will I learn to hold my arms at a more flattering angle?!
Sunday was a gorgeous day. Like really gorgeous. It wasn't super warm, but it was sunny and above freezing. Know what that means?! I got to ride! I want to wait to ride Romey until he gets his teeth done. Rio had a lunge (he was perfect) and Jampy had a lunge AND ride!

Guess who isn't afraid of the clippers?! Romey!
I really didn't want the weekend to end. Why are they always so short?!
We're in the midst of some bizarre heat wave in New England. Which is pretty awesome because I've ridden Jampy every day this week! Rio and Romey have just been getting spoiled with grooming. Rio doesn't like lunging in the dark and who am I to argue with him? He gets to do whatever he wants.

Tonight after riding, everyone had their manes shortened and braided over:

Jampy Before

Jampy After

Romey Before

Romey After

Rio Before

Rio After
Admittedly, I haven't touched their manes all winter. They were in BAD shape! I kept them a little long, because I think they need a little more thinning, but I didn't want to over do it.
Tomorrow the vet is coming after work for spring shots and teeth floating. Hopefully this weekend I'll have time to trim all the ears and legs! Time will tell on that....
What have you been up to lately? Tell me about your week in the comments!


  1. Henry needs his mane pulled and I feel like I just did it a month ago :-/ SO I told trainer it was her turn and I'd pay her lol!!

    1. That's not a bad plan! I only pulled Jamp's today, the other two just had them shortened. I thought Romey's was really thin, but it's actually not. So I guess next time I'll have to pull it. Hope he's good!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I love that it's basically a tent. Did I eat a box of girl scout cookies today? You don't know!

  3. Obsessed with that sparkly dress! So cute and love the back detail. If that is missing next time I am home I am sorry

    1. Haha! Thanks! Don't worry I share! COME HOME!