Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

Springtime is in full effect here in New England. And it's been fantastic! (Though we could get a nasty snow storm on Monday, but let's hope that doesn't happen.) What's the best part about spring when you're a backyard rider? Getting to ride again!
Last week I got to ride almost every day after work. I took Thursday off because the horses had their spring shots and teeth done. They were sedated for their teeth, and though they were waking up at 5, I didn't want to ride them so fresh off the sedation. (Though maybe I should have, they would have been nice and quiet!) Instead of riding, I hot oiled Romey and GTO's new bridles.

Romey's is from Toklat. I've never bought leather goods from that brand, but I liked the stitching on it, so figured I'd give it a try. It's nice for everyday, but I don't love the quality on the leather.
It's very soft, and absolutely fine, but I just think the bridles I normally buy from Schneider's have a better quality leather for a little less money. I do however think the stitching is really pretty on this one. They call it Silverleaf. The bridle fits Romey great, and he's not doing any head shaking in it. I had originally tried to use Ducky's cob sized bridle on him, and Romey shook his head so hard when he wore it I thought his eyes might fall out. Then I was convinced he had head shaking syndrome because that would definitely be my luck. Fortunately, he doesn't, and he just apparently hated the cob sized bridle. Glad that was an easy fix!
GTO's bridle is the same as Jamp's and Ducky's. It's from Schneider's Saddlery and the brand is Joseph Sterling.

I believe I've bragged about these bridles on here before. But just in case I haven't, they are my absolute favorite bridles. The leather is amazing. AMAZING. It's butter soft with just one oiling (especially if you warm the oil). They fit really well. I like that the strap that goes over the head for the noseband sits on the outside of the crown piece so it doesn't press into their poll. And the quality is fantastic. I've had the one Rio used to show in for years now (obviously since he hasn't shown in years). Jampy used it for awhile too so it's not like it's just been sitting around. If you need one, (trust me you do) you can find them here. Most of them are 139.99 WITH reins! I like them better than Hadfields and Beval. Ok, I'm done selling you bridles. (No, I don't get a commission, but I totally should!)
Friday I was able to ride after work, and it was a gorgeous night! I decided to just ride Jamp and start Romey back over the weekend in the daylight. So I got on Jampy and he was having a tiny brain day. He kept spinning around and refusing to walk away from the barn side of the ring. Not because he was being obstinate, but because he was THAT spooky. So I got off and lunged him. Then I got back on. Then he spun faster and harder. So I lunged him again. Then I got back on. So much for my quick ride after work! He finally ended up being ok. Not great, but rideable at least. He's such a spookasaurus!
After riding my wild ex stallion, I had a braiding job to do. It was for one of my favorite horses to braid. He always looks perfect!

My weekend helper had some family business to attend to this weekend, so I was on my own for chores. I actually love doing the chores except for the whole being up and dressed at 7 part. And the part where I want them to stay out as long as they want and then I end up spending 12 hours in the barn both days. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I also have to do my chores and errands! Whatever totally worth it. I love spending time with my ponies, especially when it's in the 60's and sunny in March! Plus look how good doing barn chores and riding is for you:

Boom! That's pizza well earned!
Here are the kids enjoying turnout this weekend:

And some shots from riding Romey:

I didn't get any stills while riding Jampy, but there was a video I put on Instagram of him being a superstar while the man-children down the road were having a shooting party. Visit my Instagram account to see/hear that!
The boys were pretty good to ride this weekend. I even tried some canter on Romey. His transitions up and down to and from canter need a LOT of work. I have to run him into it. But I think the more we practice the better it will be. Sunday he was a freshy pants and there was some bucking... but nothing too bad. I really think he's going to be a nice horse. I can't wait for my trainer to get back from Florida to help me with him.
Jampy was pretty good on Saturday, but on Sunday he was fantastic. I set out some trotting poles and worked him through those quite a bit.

By the end of our ride, I had the softest, most supple canter I think we've ever had together. I hope I can find that again!
Rio took a big step this weekend too! Saturday he lunged with a saddle on!
I'm not sure if it bothered him or if he was just a little freshy-pants, but at first he didn't want to trot with it on, just canter. It was a lovely, soft canter with an unbelievable cadence to it. But it was a little weird of him to be like that. Once he cantered awhile he came down to a lovely trot. I could just stare at this horse for hours. I love him so much.
Does this saddle make me look fat?
While the weekend was absolutely gorgeous, Monday it rained the entire day and night. So no riding. Bummer. But as you know, it was Jampy's birthday so we had a nice evening regardless. Tuesday was still raining in the morning but had cleared up by the time I got home from work. I got Romey all ready to ride and realized the ring was a muddy mess once we were out there. I decided to get on anyway, but we just went for a walk. We walked through the poles (which aren't at all set for walking, but it's good for horses to figure out how to make it work). And tried to practice bending. He doesn't understand bending. Baby steps!
All of that time outside playing with ponies didn't leave me much time for playing with pugs though. We did manage to fit some snuggles in of course!

No running has been happening. Last week I had a dental implant put in, which meant no running for a couple of days. After that it was the weekend and the ponies sucked up all my energy. Hopefully back to it this weekend!
That's what's up this Wednesday! What's up with you?


  1. You've been busy! So glad the weather has been cooperating enough to ride again :)