Friday, March 4, 2016

Love 2 Run Virtual Race

Waaaaay back on Valentine's Day (right before I discovered I had no hot water, and a few hours prior to my truck breaking down in the middle of the road) I ran a virtual race. I had been trying to get back into running and figured signing up for a race was always the best motivation. But I was not motivated enough to run outside in the arctic air on icy roads. So I went looking for a virtual run. And since I had only been running a teeny tiny bit, I was excited to find the Love 2 Run virtual 2.14 mile race for Valentine's Day. I loved the idea of the shorter distance since my fitness was lacking. I still like to aim for a 10 min mile (or better!) on race day, so the shorter distance made that seem relatively attainable.
Since I planned to blog about my run, I decided to dress for the occasion:
I almost never wear race shirts in the actual race I get them at. And I pretty much never wear a bib for a virtual run because that just seems a little awkward. But I decided to wear both today because I miss racing.
I paired them with some old Nike Shorts and my Pug knee socks I found at Five Below a few weeks ago.

This pug looks bad ass.

And to complete my race outfit: My Mizuno Wave Hitogamis.

I felt great starting out. I was having a decent first mile when all of a sudden I hear a yelping. It was Artie. He waits until it's a dire emergency to let me know he has to go outside. Since I'm a good Mommy, I paused my awesome run to let the boy out. And then waited VERY impatiently while he took FOREVER to do his business. Seriously, this is why you should go OUT for your runs. No interruptions! But still, I appreciate him not going on the floor.

After all the that, I climbed back on the treadmill to kill the rest of my run. It wasn't as easy and as awesome as it started out. But I made it!
And more or less reached my goal too! Yay! This virtual run had the best loot too. Check out this medal!

The top actually comes completely off (I'm holding it in the top photo) to reveal little heart candies printed inside.
AND they sent actual candy hearts too!
Instead of the normal sayings, they have cute runner related quotes on them: Love 2 Run, Chase Me, You're my PR, Run 4 EVR. So CUTE!
I love a good virtual run. They aren't as exciting as an actual real live race, but it's fun to get out and earn a medal on your own schedule. And they're great motivation to get back at it.
Have you ever run a virtual race?


  1. Aww, just look at those little pug faces!

    Congrats on a good run!!

    1. Thanks! I can't have a non horse post without a least a pug in it...