Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thursdays Threads!

Outfit day!!!!! I'm trying really hard to think Spring today. Yesterday was 65 degrees and the sun even made an appearance! Totally spring right? Well.... today is overcast and 45. So no. But I'm bringing my own spring today... and a few layers.
Hope you all are ready for Mint season... because I totally am.

Top: Chance or Fate

I found this at Marshalls when I was in Florida. I love that it has just a little mint around the pockets and the neckline. It also has a little in the back! I love that detail back there.
Since it's freezing out, I added a thermal top underneath. Because while I can pretend it's spring out... I don't want to get hypothermia.

Pants: Mavi
I got these from a Moxie.Style sale and I LOVE THEM!!! I also got them in pink. Because why not? They are ankle length and fit me perfectly.

Belt: Harry Potter

I mean... who doesn't need a seatbelt with Harry Potter headlines around their waist? Everyone needs that. Trust me.

Shoes: Roxy
These are felt with a fuzzy lining, and are basically like wearing slippers with a sole. I wish I knew where to find them in every color.

Arm Party!
 Now that lefty sports this big apple watch, it mostly keeps things simple with just one small something.. Today it's from Nakamol. Once again, a purchase from the late Little Black Bag. RIP Little Black Bag. I still miss you. Terribly.

The adorable little mint bracelet with gold bead is from Ettika. And to be honest, I can't remember where that large chain and ribbon bracelet came from. I have been racking my brain all morning. And I have nothing for you. But it's very well made, and I love the colors!

I remembered to model last night's riding outfit too! It was a pretty casual evening.
Also, I didn't remember until the end of the night so I'm completely filthy and sweaty. Cute right?

Sweatshirt: Nantucket
I picked this up a couple of years ago when I went to Nantucket with my family. I hope we get to go this summer too! We have a house there, but it's a rental, so we only get to use it on the off season or if one of our tenants cancels.

Breeches: Smartpak Piper
Yay for piping! Smarkpak just revamped their line and I may or may not have ordered a pair of the new latex grip breeches.... And by that I mean I did. But they were 20% off! But I digress... I like these piper breeches. They are pilling some, and I'm not sure how long they will last, but they are really comfortable, and I love the pop of color.

Belt: LV
Maybe it's from ebay... Maybe it's real. Who knows?

You're probably wondering when I'm going to wear my fun brown boots, or the awesome croco ones I got recently... And the answer is soon! But I'm trying to feel confident that my horses are not plotting my murder before I try and break in boots.

So that's what I'm wearing today! What do you have on? Any favorites from today's post?