Wednesday, March 2, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

Hi everyone! I bet you're wondering what happened to Truthful Tuesday this week... I caught a HORRIBLE stomach bug and was in my bed the entire day. Sorry about that. But let's put that behind us, and take a look back at my trip to see GTO!
Last Wednesday I worked a half day and then hopped on a plane to sunny Florida!
There were storms all up and down the east coast, so we spent an extra hour in the air trying to avoid the worst of it. It was pretty late by the time we got back to the house, so I ate some food and headed off to bed.
Thursday morning I was at the barn by 9 to ride GTO. It was great getting back on him after all this time! He's learned a lot in the few weeks since I've seen him. His canter transitions are much smoother, and he's getting much better about keeping his head low in the downward transition.
After riding, I went with my trainer over to the horse show to watch her compete in the 1.35 meter class with two of her horses.
They were both great! It's also fun when she introduces me to famous riders at the horse show. My trainer's a lot cooler than me.
Friday morning we planned to ride a little later as my trainer had an appointment in the morning. When I finally got there, I discovered my naughty pony had pulled a shoe. Thankfully the farrier lives on site.

He wasn't shod in time for me to ride that day, but at least he was all set for the weekend. I did get to ride Charlie though. And we all know how much I love Charlie!
My trainer has recently been sponsored by Voltaire, so she arranged for me and another friend of hers to try some saddles. I really can't get one right now, but they are really nice. I usually hate everything other than my Hermes, but I really liked the Voltaire Stuttgart. It's definitely going on my wish list.
Sunday I finally got to have a lesson and attempted to jump to my little yellow horse! He was so great though it's super obvious I need to get back to work. Holy moly I'm out of jumping shape!

But how cute is he?!  I can't wait for him to move north so I can ride him everyday.

But it wasn't all horses while in Florida... I also got to play with the goats and the dogs.

I headed back home Monday afternoon. It was an uneventful trip. I was super motivated and actually unpacked, cleaned the barn, and picked up the pugs all before the stomach bug hit. It started around 11 and tortured me all night. WORST! But I did have some good company at least:
I stayed home today as well to try and get some strength back. I worked from here, but the puggers were not terribly helpful in that area:
So that's what's up this Wednesday! What's up with all of you?!


  1. OMG walking the goats!! Too cute!!

    Sounds like it was a good trip to FL- glad to hear GTO is doing well!

    1. Haha! We were walking them out to their play yard. They're HILARIOUS!