Friday, March 25, 2016

Nicole's Creations: January, February, and March
Rather than do individual posts to catch up, I'm throwing three months worth of Nicole's Creations at you all at once! Hope you're ready to be jealous of my pretty new bracelets! But first... the details.
For those not in the know, Nicole's Creations offers a monthly subscription service that delivers handmade jewelry to your door each month. There are two options, $10 per month or $20. I went with the less expensive option, and let me tell you, I get MORE than my moneys worth. Not only do I receive beautiful hand made items each month, but Nicole pops over here to the blog to see what my style is currently. I love that she takes the time to personalize the sub for me.
Ok, down to business. Here's what I received in January:

And indvidually:

As always, the bracelets are sized PERFECTLY for me. They are so well made, and beautiful! They look fantastic alone, but I love that they stack together too.
On to February!
February is my anniversary month with Nicole's Creations! Nicole is so sweet she gave me a bonus bracelet to celebrate! Here is everything up close:

I love the green she used! It was perfect for St Patty's day, and for any day really. The bead on that chain bracelet is so beautiful, I couldn't get a photo to do it any justice. You'll just have to trust me. Here they are all stacked together:

And last but most definitely not least... March!
If you follow me on Instagram (you really ought to...) you saw a sneak peak of these already. I can't believe Nicole stumbled across the charms! I'm so excited she got them for me! I seriously love these bracelets... Dare I say it? I think these may be my favorite so far. Because I was rushing, and didn't photo with my normal black background the color isn't showing accurately here. These are kind of a mossy green and beige not gray and white like they appear. SO PRETTY! I love all the greens. All of them!
Let's look closer:

Obviously these can stand alone or even match up with some gold bangles. But they look amazing together too:
I'm so impressed with the fit of all the bracelets from the last three months. Well no. All the months ever really. Nicole is amazing at her craft. Every piece is so unique and gorgeous.

I say it every month (literally), but I'm really impressed with how Nicole personalizes this subscription. She does a great job designing pieces she knows I will love. Not only that, but she's such an artist! Everything is extremely well made and fits PERFECTLY!

What do you think of my new bracelets from Nicole? Which is your favorite? Have you tried out the sub yet? If you would like to try it, or even just browse the shop online, head over here to see what Nicole's Creations is all about!


  1. I love the last two! Very equestrian chic!

    1. Me too! I was so excited when I saw them!

    2. Equestrian chic describes them perfectly! The green color is my fav though :)

    3. The green is so bright! I love it!