Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

Wednesday again already? Time is flying. The weather has been a little cuckoo crazy around here. It was warm, in the 60's for a few days, and I really was quite spoiled! Then Monday it snowed 4 inches.
Fortunately it melted by the afternoon. Oh New England.... But I'm getting ahead of myself.
Despite the warm weather last week, riding was a little hit or miss. I had made plans with some friends for dinner on Friday and I didn't want to break them. So the boys had Friday off. Then Saturday.... well you read about Saturday on my Truthful Tuesday post... I didn't have time to ride because I needed to be decked out in a fancy dress and a mask for my friend Vanessa's 30th birthday party. It was a murder mystery masquerade party! SO FUN!!!! Here are some photos:

We were assigned characters ahead of time, and it was the most fun I've had in a long time! What a creative idea! My character was Freddie Fuschia a horse jockey who's owners force her to make her horse Dark Sail really aggressive to win races. I was not the murderer. But one of my horse's owners was the victim!

Sunday my barn helper was back, so I enjoyed a MUCH needed lazy morning. I got up around 8:30, straightened the house up some and then headed out for breakfast. It was lovely. After that I came home to see what I was going to do with the equine. It was really cold out. And windy. Yuck. I decided to ride Jamp, lunge Rio, and just groom Romey. I figured with the snow coming I wouldn't be able to ride Monday, and I'm trying to wait until I can get consistent rides in with him. Joke was on me though since the snow melted and I was able to ride Monday... Sort of.
Monday was ridiculously cold. And the wind! Ugh the wind... Those of you who follow along, know that Jamp sees dead horses. And when it's windy, they come out like a zombie apocalypse. So I tacked him up, planning to just ride him that evening and give the others the night off. Jampy made it VERY evident that we needed to spend some time on the lunge line before riding.
Oddly enough, he wasn't all that wild lunging. He was however, petrified of everything and anything. I decided to just work him on the lunge and skip riding. I was frozen from head to toe, and still needed to get to the grocery store for the week.
Last night wasn't much better! It was a little warmer but still very windy. I managed to ride Jamp, but we just used half the ring, avoiding his danger zone at the other end. I like to choose my battles! He worked ok... He did everything I asked of him, but his attention was never on me really. Rio had a lunge last night and then some extra snuggles.

Romey just had a good grooming. It's supposed to warm up today so I'm hoping I can get him going tonight.
He's been having some allergy issues. My vet recommended the Allergy and Skin Supplement from Platinum Performance. It's due to arrive today, and I'm really hoping it helps him. He has little hives all over, and I've been reluctant to pump him full of dex. I will if this doesn't work though I guess.

Yesterday was a fun mail day. I had found a coupon code online to get a 16x20 canvas print shipped for $29.00 and it arrived yesterday. I wish I had cropped it a little differently, but I like it overall.

Please excuse my hideous window treatments... they came with the house almost 10 years ago, and clearly I haven't gotten around to changing them.

The pugs have been full of snuggles lately. I'm hoping we'll have time for a nice walk this weekend and also that the weather permits such an activity!

That's about all that's been going on over here! What's up with you this Wednesday? How's the weather where you are?


  1. The weather has been a bit crazy here too -- 60-70 for a few days and then cold again with wind. But at least we didn't get snow! Ack

    1. It was the worst! Early in the week they predicted we could get 10"! I was so sad. Then Saturday, they said, oh we were just kidding, it will be maybe 2". Then Sunday they went back to possibly 10". I'm glad they were wrong at least!