Friday, April 1, 2016

Thursday's Threads

This might technically be Friday's Threads by the time I get it posted... It was a long day! But due to my long day, I have THREE outfits for you! We'll start with Wednesday's riding outfit:
It's cold here. Because spring quit and went home. Seriously. Sunday's high is going to be 37 and it might also snow. Spring, you need to try harder. And soon. But I digress. Let's look at my riding outfit closer.

Top: Stridebox
This sweatshirt was sold as a fundraiser for a little girl fighting neuroblastoma. Such a great cause. Childhood cancers break my heart into tiny little pieces.

Breeches: Unbranded
Pardon my shoes... I hadn't put my boots on yet. These breeches were from my trip to Equine Affair in the fall. I love them so much. I got three pairs that day, and I totally wish I had bought more. Since these don't have a brand on them, I have no idea how to find more of them! Oh, also, they were only $40.

Ok next up is my work outfit from today:

And possibly the most awkward photo ever? I need to work on my posing. Clearly, I'm a rider not a model.

Top: Ariat

I love this sweater so much! (Elbow patches, duh!) I picked this up on sale at my favorite local tack store, Reins. It was after the holidays so it was finally on sale. And was the very last one in my size! WIN!

Jeans: Vigoss
Vigoss jeans are my absolute favorite. They are the perfect length on me and fit my ample butt quite well. Whenever I see them at Marshalls or TJ Maxx I almost always buy them,

Shoes: Lucky Brand
I bought these two years ago right after imposing a no buy on myself. Clearly I failed at that no buy. But these were completely worth it. They're soft leather with brass studs and buckles. So comfy. And they're green, so how could I not?

Arm Party!

 Sad news to report on lefty here... When I went home to change into outfit #3 that adorable pug bracelet broke in half spilling beads all over the laundry room floor. Thankfully I made it myself, so I think I can make it again. And hopefully more successfully!

Righty is wearing two bracelets made by me today! The first is a wrap bracelet I constructed years ago. I really should wear it more, I love that one! Next up is a stretch stone bracelet that I know you've seen a few times now.

And on to #3! I had a work function to attend in Syracuse tonight, so I had to pretend like I dress business casual instead of like a hobo.
 Would you look at that?! I practically look professional!

Shirt: H&M
 Yes! That pony shirt came from H&M! I saw it there and had to have it obviously. Who doesn't need a pony shirt? Or three?

Sweater: Tommy Hilfiger
 This is one of those sweaters I've had for a million years. But then it went missing in the dry cleaning pile for possibly two years. I'm glad it's back (and clean) as it was perfect for tonight's event.

Pants: Calvin Klein
 I live 15 minutes away from a Calvin Klein outlet. Thus, anytime I need dress pants, that's where I go! I like how they fit me, and they are a decent quality. I need to head over there to get some new ones soon. Most of mine are short length which is fine if I wear flats, but I can't wear heels with them. And that's annoying.

Shoes: Kensie
Horse bit shoes! Believe it or not, I got these leather shoes from Little Black Bag during one of their insane shoe sales for $5.00! Yes. That's $5.00. I also have them in leopard. Because $5. Obviously. Aside from their bargain price, they are also really comfortable. I was on my feet much of the evening, and they felt great. Sometimes it is nice to wear flats!

So that's what I wore today yesterday. What do you have on? How do you prefer to dress? Work wear? Casual? Hobo?


  1. That Ariat sweater with the elbow patches it TO DIE FOR

  2. Love! those elbow patches im obsessed

    Katie @ Katie Wanders

  3. My friend sent me a pic of that HM top! I love it so much! The run shirt makes me feel guilty for being a lazy bum about my running in March haha

    1. The H&M shirt also comes in a multi color cotton material. I might have bought both...
      Don't worry, I can't even remember the last time I ran!