Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

Well. Things haven't been all that exciting around here. It's all frozen over again, and that means no riding once again. BOOOOOO! I was just feeling like we were getting someplace too. Last week wasn't especially cold, but the weather was not at all cooperative. It rained quite a bit and we had REALLY high winds. Gusts between 40 and 50 mph! Back in the day I might have tried to ride anyway. But I'm old now. So no go.
I mentioned on Thursday's Threads last week that I had a work event in Syracuse. What I didn't mention was that it was a horribly windy day and we flew there in the tiniest plane.

I was a little nervous about it honestly. But once we were above 3,000 feet it was a smooth ride. And a short one! Only about an hour to get there.
The flight home was much the same, except it was night time. And much cloudier. And the landing was absolutely petrifying. The clouds were so thick, we couldn't see the runway. Which is really short. It's at the airport by my house which is only for small planes. And the wind was intense. We were hitting air pockets constantly and blowing around. I have never in my life been so happy to be off a plane! What a day!
Friday it rained. And rained. And then it rained a little more. The weekend brought more wind and very cold temperatures. All leading up to SNOW on Monday! SNOW! Can you believe it? Which turned to rain during the day, then to ice, then back to just a little more snow. Mother Nature is having some serious mood swings folks!

Obviously riding is on hold. Yesterday I couldn't even let the horses have turnout in the morning because the ring was under an inch of ice. Broken leg waiting to happen. I felt terrible about them staying in, so I took them all out for grass after work. It's definitely odd grazing horses next to ice...

I've been casually thinking about getting a second saddle since it's entirely possible I could have horses showing in the same classes this year. I really love my saddle, but it's been discontinued. I made an offer on one that an online tack store has had sitting around for years, but they didn't take the offer. I was casually browsing ebay for a used one (I know, I know...) and I found one for $1650! I know it seems crazy to just order a used saddle and assume it will fit, but in this case, it's not that nuts. Here's why: I ride in an Hermes Essentielle. It's beautifully made, but did not come with many options. They came in full sizes only (size down if you're usually on the half) and one flap length. Tree came in regular and wide, I have a regular. This used one was also a regular tree. The only option I remember was if you wanted knee blocks. The new saddle I had made an offer on did not have them, but mine does. I really like them. This used saddle had them! Essentially it was my exact saddle. I have not seen a used one for less than $2500 ever. So I emailed the seller. Turns out she is a consignment saddle shop on the West coast. This further made me feel better about things. I contacted her with some questions and concerns about the tree, offered about $200 lower (because hey, why not?) and she accepted my offer! It arrived on Friday, and the rain had me super sad I wouldn't get to try it out. Fortunately it had stopped briefly after work so I threw it on Jamp and took a quick test ride before the skies opened back up. It's not quite as comfy as mine since it's broken in for someone else, but it's a slight difference. I'm sure after I ride in it a bit it will feel just like my first one.
Here it is!
Sorry, I didn't realize how blurry that photo is! Looks fine on my phone. I assure you, in real life it's not blurry.
In other news, the horses enjoyed a flavored bran mash treat (hot of course) on freezing cold Sunday. Rio wound up with it in his ears... And the Pugs have gone back in hibernation. I'd like to join them! 25 degrees is inhumane.

So that's what's up this Wednesday! What's up with you?


  1. I think you should come to TX, because we don't really know what ice is here :)

    1. That would probably be a good place for us! Winter really isn't my thing. ESPECIALLY in April!