Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Truthful Tuesday

I was a lazy horse owner today. I've been wanting to get Romey to free lunge because he's a little freshy pants, and I can't get him to lunge on a lunge line. My attempts at free lunging were largely unsuccessful. I think he thought I was trying to play with him. Or at least I hope so. Because otherwise he was just plotting my demise. I'm gonna go with playing. For my own sanity. After said failed free lunge attempt I decided I needed a positive ride. Which translates to "not a ride on Jamp." Not that he's been bad. But he spooks constantly. And I needed a day off. Instead, I gave Rio a quick lunge and rode him. And it was glorious. I mean it was a little lame and a lot awkward. But glorious none-the-less. Why can't all horses be like him?
To summarize, today's confession is that I only rode Rio. Slacker City! Back to the grind tomorrow, I promise!


  1. No shame in needing an easy ride!

  2. I totally get it. There are some days I show up to the barn like "you know, I REALLY ought to do some work with Moe on transitions" and end up pulling Gina out of her stall and make her trot around like a fancy horse because it's way easier. :P