Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

Ugh. Rough Wednesday, that's what's up! Last night the little Duck and I disturbed a bee's nest. The poor guy got attacked resulting in a spinning Duck and a lawn dart Stacie. Once deposited on the ground, the bees found me and stung me in the eyelid and shoulder. I imagine Ducky must have gotten the worst of them though. Thankfully we're both fine. Nothing a little Benadryl couldn't fix! (Yes, horses take Benadryl too. But they can't show on it.)
Does this bee sting make me look fat?

I'm starting to run low on ice packs...

How about now?
I was so distracted by the bee stings, I forgot about the fact I had fallen off... Till I woke up this morning. Boy do I feel old.
So that was Tuesday... But the past week wasn't all bad.

 I have a new barn helper again! Yay!!!! She started Saturday and we worked together that first day. Sunday I wanted her to do things on her own, but stuck around in case of questions or anything. Which was awesome because I actually got stuff done in the barn that I had been putting off. Namely, the laundry and bridle cleaning. My bridle racks were a mess of dirty, moldy barely used tack. And it was driving me CRAZY. Much better now:

I mean clearly, I still have a problem, given I have ALL THESE BRIDLES and only two horses to ride. But I just like to be well prepared. I also have a discard pile. I'm thinking of selling them on ebay:
Four or five bridles, a running martingale, a standing, and I'm not even sure what else. It's gotta go!
The horses have had a fairly easy week with no shows happening until this weekend.

The pugs are happy as always. P has a little ear infection but we got some meds for her so she's in good shape. They both got pedicures yesterday too. Lucky puggers. (Though they don't feel that way.)

-Running:Yeah... about that. I ran last Thursday. And I'm hoping to run tomorrow... We'll have to see what my bruised and battered body has to say about that though... might be a walk instead. Sheesh.
-Other:In other news, I discovered something WONDERFUL when I stopped by the farmers market in town on Sunday. My FAVORITE breakfast place, The Villager, has re opened!!! Not only that, the previous owner re-opened it, so I know I'll still love it. It's like my world has realigned.

Well, that's what's up this Wednesday. What's up with you?

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