Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Truthful Tuesday

Feeling all the feels. So the bestest news ever is that Mr. Rio seems to be improving each day since we changed his shoes. Thank goodness!
He's even being a little goofy. I'm SO RELIEVED that hopefully he's out of the woods as far as foundering is concerned. I'll feel even more relief when that granulation tissues sucks back up inside his food and heals though!
In the meantime, Jampy and I will be skipping our planned 10 days in Vermont at the Vermont Summer Festival. And here's where this post relates to Truthful Tuesday. I'm ashamed to admit that I'm really sad to be missing the show. REALLY SAD! It was pretty much going to be a vacation for me since the grooms take care of Jamp. Life's been super busy between work and taking care of all the horses, and I was looking forward to a showcation. But I feel so much guilt because really, poor Rio has been suffering in considerable pain for weeks. And I'm sad about missing a horse show? That's kind of messed up.
Have you ever felt sad about missing out on something even though you KNOW there's much worse things happening around you?

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