Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thursday's Threads

Yay! Outfit day! No riding outfit this week, because we were rained out last night. And possibly again this evening, which would really be a bummer... Come on weather! But it wasn't raining at 6:45 this morning, so I DO have a running outfit today! We'll start with that, because it's new and I love the colors!

 Mint and Lavendar/Mauve ish! I'm not completely sure what color you call the shorts... but I love them! Perfect with my favorite sneaks!

Top: I can't figure out what the brand was on this one.
 This top has a built in bra, but not a padded one, so I added a sports bra just to keep things... smooth.
The top is a little snug, I maybe should have sized up? But I don't think it's terrible.

Shorts: Reebok
 These are a nifty little two-in one. The looser short part on top is kind of a mesh, and then the tighter spandex portion is nice and full coverage. They didn't ride up at all while I was running, and may be one of my new favorites!

Sneakers: Mizuno
You've seen them time and time again! But I had to show them with this outfit, because well... MATCHNG SO HARD!
On a side note, Vanessa, Pepper, and I had a great run this morning. Our only break was for Pepper to take care of some business. My watch only pretend charged last night, so I didn't have a time, but it felt decent. Woohoo! Yay for good runs!

Ok back to outfits. My new Golden Tote obsession has led me to spend some time on their trading page on Facebook. And by trading they also mean buying. (Seriously, I have a problem.) So again this week, I am featuring a top from Golden Tote.

Top: Le Sample
See why I HAD TO HAVE IT?! PONIES!!!!! I'm a sucker for a little mixed media (i.e. the lace at the top) but when an item has PONIES ON IT?! I can't not have it. CAN'T NOT HAVE IT. Sorry for all the yelling. But I actually got this shirt last Friday and have been dying to show it off. Ponies! And lace! Ah! Love.

Pants: Seven Jeans
Oldies but goodies. We won't dwell since you've seen them before. But I will mention that I like this sort of rustic horsey feel to the stitching. I thought it paired well with the pony shirt.

Belt: Hermes (maybe)
I found this one on Ebay. It wasn't ultra cheap, but was cheap enough to think it's probably not authentic. But it's a REALLY nice one if that's the case. The belt itself is a chocolate color, and is alligator. Gorgeous! Possibly a bit manly... but gorgeous none-the-less.

Shoes: unknown brand
I think I found these on Zulilly? Or maybe I got them at H&M? I'm not sure. I've had them a few seasons now, and they've held up pretty well. VERY comfy and I thought they accented the lace at the top of the shirt today. Possibly a bad choice for the weather though! Oops.

Arm party!
In keeping with my pony theme, I wore all horsey bracelets today! The first is from Zulilly. You've seen it before, it's definitely in my top 10 favorites! Next is my watch, and then a horse shoe bracelet from House of Harlow.

First up on righty is my photo charm bracelet that you've seen a few times. Those are my ponies on there! The large bangle is one I got on ebay from a nice lady in North Carolina. I'm not sure of a brand, but I love the ponies on it in their blankets. Definitely has an Hermes air about it! (It's also definitely not Hermes!)

That's what I'm wearing today! What do you have on? How's the weather?


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