Friday, July 24, 2015

Heart to Horse Box: July

This is easily one of my favorite sub boxes! Heart to Horse Box is a horsey subscription that you can order either as a one time box or as a monthly delivery. I opted for the sub since I like presents. You save a little each month that way too. This sub is unique in that it includes something for the horse AND something for the rider each month. My favorite part is that 25% of sales each month is donated to a local charity. This month's charity recipient is Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue. I think they were the recipients last month also.
Roy is one of the rescues from Gentle Giants! I love that they give you a face that they've helped.
Ok, on with the box!
First look... sorry for the terrible photo
For the horse:
Finish Line Apple a Day Electrolytes
This is a nice trial size container! Electrolytes are so important this time of year. My horses already have them built into their meal routine, but if we have another heat wave, I will use this for an extra dose in the morning.

Tough 1 Massage Curry
This has Rio written all over it! We're going to try it out later tonight. I know he'll love it. And with his sore foot, he could certainly use a good massage.

Celebration Spot On bug repellent
This is the only item I am not planning to try. While I do appreciate a good bug repellent that may actually work, the warning on the back made me think this isn't the one for us:
Harmful if absorbed through the skin? Won't that happen when you PUT IT ON THEIR SKIN? It's probably perfectly fine, but between Jamp's allergies and colic episode and Rio's foot problems, I'm going to steer clear of anything potentially harmful. Luck is not on our side this summer!

For the Barn:
Tough 1 Collapsible Bucket

Love this! It's totally going to live in the trailer. I love the idea of a collapsible bucket. It's made of a heavy canvas material. So useful!

For the rider:
Bling Horse Hat

I have a pea sized head and hats never fit me. This one isn't too huge though! And it's ADORABLE!

I didn't do a cost breakdown this month because I'm at work and just got super busy.... Bad Blogger! But without actually running the numbers, I'm still confident I got my moneys worth from this box. The only item this month I won't use is the bug repellent, but the whole point of getting a box like this is to be introduced to new things. So I don't mind if sometimes I don't like everything inside.
If you're interested in trying Heart to Horse Box, head over here and check it out. That's not a referral link. As far as I know they do not have any referral incentives. If they do, someone tell me so I can cash in!
What do you think of Heart to Horse Box?


  1. Those massage curries are the best! We sell a TON of them- people will buy one for their horse, then come back and buy one for themselves later!

    Looks like a good box!

    1. Maybe I should just quietly take it into the house... he'll never know right?

  2. I got this box too. I had a $20 SLT gift card so the box was just 14.99. I don't wear hats much or bling so that will probably be a gift for As for the fly stuff...yeah...I'm not so sure about that either...eek.

    1. Oh bummer about the hat for you! It will make a great gift though! And for $15, the box is still a pretty good deal! That fly stuff scares me.
      This maybe wasn't my favorite box, but generally I think they do a good job.

  3. I really like the curry, collapsible bucket and the bug repellent. Good box!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! I love that it almost fits me!

  5. I'd totally use that massager on myself. Just sayin'

    1. I'm pretty seriously considering stealing it... but Rio really loves it. And you know... he gets whatever he wants.