Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thursday's Threads

Happy Fake Friday! Well... for those of us with 9-5, M-F sort of jobs anyway. I'm excited for the long weekend!
I have two outfits to share today. No running outfit though. Not that I didn't run, I DID! But I wore the same thing as last week, so no need to share.
Let's start with today's work outfit:
I went a little crazy with these pants... They're ridiculous but I love them! Note both short kids casually photo bombing in the background.

Top: Andrea Jovine
I'm having an impossible time getting the color of this top to photograph with my phone... You'll have to trust me that it's a dusty pink color. I love the beading along the hems, giving it that girly-but-edgy feel.
Pants: Hudson
Obviously these are a throwback to the fabulous 80's! I love everything about these pants... the PINK acid wash, the skinny legs, the ZIPPERS! I hadn't worn them yet this year because I was a little... well. Larger than they were. But having spent those couple of weekends at the horse show, I'm fitting back into them. Phew!
Shoes: Wanted
These were on the blog a few times last summer I think. They too are a dusty pink color, and I love the spikes on them. Although, they are shockingly sharp, must pay attention while wearing them!

My eye is still super swollen from the bee sting on Tuesday, so I'm sporting an added accessory today:
Good side
Puffy side
My Kate Spade glasses! Do I look extra smart today?

Arm party:
Lefty is super fun today. First is a light pink and copper Nakamol that I had gotten from Little Black Bag back in the day. Next is my trusty watch. That adorable pink bracelet with the turtle bead is one of my own creations, and last is a ribbon bracelet from Ettika.

I think this bracelet is SO FUN! I can't remember the brand, but it came from Little Black Bag's big going out of business sale. It is a faux leather with a metal top piece. The "leather" which is tough to see is pink with a gold overtone to it. Really pretty. I think the color makes this oversize piece a bit more delicate.

Now for a riding outfit! Here's what I rode in last night:

Top: Vineyard Vines for Skidmore College Saratoga Horse Show
I don't usually buy horse show apparel, but I love Vineyard Vines and I love my alma mater, so I had to! Proceeds benefit the scholarship fund, so it's a win-win all around. Besides, it's mint green! How could I NOT buy it?

Breeches: Ovation
I've shown these to you all before. They are the older style so I couldn't show in them. Well I could, but all the cool kids would make fun of me. They are perfect for schooling though. SO COMFORTABLE! Also seen there is a leather belt from Ebay. It's Louis Vuitton inspired. I can't believe I forgot to take a photo of the buckle. Sorry about that.

Boots: Parlanti
Jampy and I have a show tomorrow, so I wanted to make sure these hadn't shrunk up on me from lack of use. They haven't! Yay!

That's what I'm wearing this Thursday! What do you have on?


  1. LOVING the arm candy!! I feel like I can never mix bracelets/watches well- something always looks weird.

    1. I always think I need to have them all behind the watch. But I got all fancy and put them on both sides today! Seems to work!

  2. love the accessories!! :D

    Have a great weekend!
    Animated Confessions

    1. Thank you! I hope you had a great weekend!

  3. Nice looks and accessories :)


  4. awww your jawellery <33333333

    have an amazing day :)
    keep in touch :)